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Discover 4 simple methods to increase sales with CRM


Although the selling process of each company has different characteristics, measuring and evaluating it is summarized in most cases at 4 main factors that make up a simple mathematical formula:

If each of these factors is improved, the sales volume will definitely increase. With a CRM system, this scenario can be implemented in just 4 easy to follow steps:

Make sure that the prospects’ database increases continuously

A prospect, or potential client, is a person who comes into contact with the company’s offer and can show interest for it.

The CRM system allows you to:

  • Segment prospects based on various criteria, in order to prioritize activities and implement specific marketing strategies
  • Import databases obtained from participating at events or recommendations from existing clients or partners
  • Customize the types of recorded information about prospects, according to the company’s needs

Inregistrare prospect in CRM

Create effective marketing campaigns

Campanii de marketing in CRM

Once you created your database, you can move on to the next step, creating the marketing campaign:

  • Create quick campaigns– with only one activity, or complex ones, with multiple activities
  • Create e-mailing or online campaigns
  • Segment the prospects using marketing lists
  • Register campaign responses and advance them quickly to sellers

Set appointments with potential customers

Further prospects are allocated to sellers, who will contact them in order to schedule appointments and identify a potential sale opportunity. As a result of the discussions, they will determine whether or not a prospect is interested in the company’s offer.

With the CRM system you can:

  • Plan in detail meetings with prospects and track associated activities
  • Motivate sellers by setting quantitative and qualitative targets – number of visits, phone calls, etc.

Istoricul activitatilor pe client/prospect in CRM 

Qualify the prospects and convert them into sales opportunities

Calificarea unui prospect in oportunitate de vanzare in CRM

If an appointment was favorable and the seller has identified the potential purchase, the prospect can be qualified as a sale opportunity. These opportunities have different winning probabilities, depending on the sale stage, and are expressed as a percentage. This way, you will know at any time the stage of an opportunity and you will be able to take the necessary measures for closing it faster.

Use CRM for:

  • Quick qualification of prospects into accounts or opportunities
  • Predefining stages through which an opportunity can pass and the percentage levels of the probabilities

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Manage more effectively activities associated to prospects

Converting a prospect into a client involves carrying out certain activities specific to the sales process, such as: marketing, telephone discussions, meetings, negotiations, etc.

How does the CRM system help you?

  • Set the types of sales activities specific to your company
  • Associate activities to sales prospects
  • Allocate activities to sellers

Intalnire in CRM

Create predefined workflows

Apel telefonic in CRM
By using a CRM, the logical sequence of the activities from the sale process can be configured as a workflow. Thus, each seller can always see what`s the next step to be followed in order to sign the contract.

  • Create activity allocation rules to each user
  • Quickly create workflows that will ease your work
  • Make sure that sellers do not omit any stage of the sales process by including mandatory steps in the predefined sales workflows

Concentrate your efforts on the most profitable sales channels

Analyze the company’s positive results and identify activities that were successful. Thus, you will find out which are the most suitable methods and sales channels for your company: the types of campaigns that generate the greatest sales, sales channels that bring opportunities with the fastest closing time etc.

  • Generate charts based on sales information available in the CRM
  • Create custom dashboards based on the questions, opportunities or problems that you would like to address

Grafic  rezultate pe campanii in CRM

Find out the causes that lead to the loss of sale

Oportunitati in CRM
In most cases, the causes that lead to loss of opportunities are not exclusively associated with the poor performance of vendors. It is therefore necessary to analyze the reasons for which the opportunities are won or lost, in order to find out exactly what are the strengths of the company and of the offer. Lost opportunities provide useful information for the sales growth: they can indicate a weakness against a competitor, an error in the bidding process or even a buyer that is outside of the target.

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Identify opportunities to increase sales to a customer

Detailed analysis of customers’ needs can provide extremely useful information, so you can quickly identify what products they might be interested in and make an immediate offer.
Another effective way to increase sales is to take advantage of the cross-sell or up-sell opportunities. In this way, you won’t have to lower the sales price.
In CRM you have:

  • Access to full customer interaction history
  • Information about products for which a customer has expressed interest in the past
  • Information about the interactions of a prospect with the website or reactions to marketing campaigns
  • The possibility to quickly create sales offers

Istoric client CRM

Make sure you have a solid knowledge base

Documentatie de vanzare CRM

Information is power, so it is important to permanently have at your disposal complete information about your products and services and the competitors’ ones, so that you know your competitive advantages.
Use the CRM system for:

  • Creating a comprehensive database about the competition
  • Centralize product documentation and working procedures
  • Implement best practices and workflows validated by experienced sellers

Manage your customer portfolio more effectively

Interactions with existing customers may generate new sales opportunities. For example, during a customer visit you can identify other needs that he has. Service activity is another method that brings you close to the clients and more specifically to the needs they might have.

With CRM you get:

  • A simple method to quickly register new opportunities that arise during a customer visit
  • Sales charts with top clients, through which you can find out which are the most valuable clients
  • Detailed reports about the sales structure

Top clienti CRM

Increase the quality of after sales services

Raport Service in CRM: Satisfactie clienti
After sales services are powerful differentiators, especially in case of great value sales. Reaction speed and proactivity in case of incidents are crucial in keeping existing customers.

With the CRM system:

  • You can quickly record the requests received from clients and allocate them to the support department
  • Set clear objectives for the support consultants and make sure that they are met
  • Track the incidents resolution degree and analyze the customer satisfaction level

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Manage sales stages correctly

Stadii de vanzare CRM

Every company has its own sales cycle, with specific stages and an average duration. For a prospect to become a customer, different approaches are needed, depending on its stage: initial contact, qualification, development, positioning. Knowing these stages and the appropriate arguments for each of them, enables the rapid overcoming of the main sales barriers. Improving each sale stage results in reducing the overall sales cycle.

  • Establish company-specific sales steps and customize the sales workflow
  • Offer employees access to best practices and the most effective materials and arguments for moving to the next step
  • Use the experience of the best sellers in order to increase the efficiency of the entire team

Correlate sales activities with key performance indicators

The goal-oriented management can be successfully implemented through a CRM system. It allows the linking of the company’s indicators with the activities of the company employees, favoring thus increasing the quality of work and the individual performance.

  • Set specific goals for each stage of the sales process: number of new prospects, phone calls, appointments, opportunities, signed contracts etc.
  • Defining realistic targets for each seller, either in terms of quantity: number of new clients or obtained recommendations, either in terms of value: sales volume in a certain period etc.

Obiective CRM

Quickly identify decision makers and clients’ needs

Tablou de bord vanzari in CRM

Throughout the negotiation phase, a process of discovering the buyer takes place: the seller comes into contact with people with different roles and interests.
Identification of the decision maker, tracking its direct and indirect needs but also the objections of those that influence the decision, constitutes the prerequisites for a successful bid.
With the help of the CRM system the seller turns into a strategist: he has access to an overview of the negotiation positions and the main sales barriers.

Quickly intervene in the sale flow for removing blockages

The role of a sales manager is to increase the performance of his team. He can intervene in the selling process when he notices irregularities so that he can correct them in time and to ensure that the sales cycle is reduced as much as possible.

The CRM system offers:

  • Sales reports through which he can measure key indicators of the business, such as: cost per opportunity, activities’ ROI, won versus lost opportunities etc.
  • Flexibility in building reports, for easier identification of problematic situations
  • The possibility to analyze in depth sales data

Top oportunitati in CRM

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