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Increase field team productivity with SFA

In the industry of fast moving consumer goods, issues like debt recovery, visiting more customers in one day or delivering products in the shortest time are very important for maintaining competitiveness.

An accessible and powerful SFA (Sales Force Automation) system allows field teams to gain the speed, transparency and efficiency they need in order to conduct their work in the best conditions.

The high volume of daily transactions requires an increased effort from the field teams. They have to take orders from customers, get them to Headquarters for processing and delivery, collect bills and last but not least promote the company’s offer to the existing clients or prospects.

Dedicate more time selling and less time on administrative activities

Imagine how much time your field teams would win if they would no longer be forced to personally bring orders and invoices from customers to operators or to call to Headquarters to check for the availability of the goods or their prices. They could thus focus more on promoting products and visit a greater number of customers. Using the SFA software:

  • All orders, invoices, receipts and other sales documents can be automatically transmitted by synchronization in the ERP system, directly to the headquarters
  • Products Inventory is available directly on the mobile device, and it is updated in real time
  • Prices and established commercial policies are available in the SFA too, thanks to the integration with the ERP system
  • Ongoing promotions are presented to the customer faster, because they are also visible in the mobile SFA application

Comanda in SFA

Organize sales teams work better

Traseu in SFA

Field teams will work more efficiently if they know in advance what they have to do every day:

  • Sales Managers can plan fixed routes for the field teams, routes based on delivery notes or each user can set their own mobile routes daily
  • SeniorSFA also supports working with templates, which balances the need for flexibility in the daily routes of a sales representative with the control and monitoring needs of the management
  • Once defined in the system, the templates are used by field teams directly on the mobile device, and any deviation from them is easy to track with specific reports

Keep close the employees with the best results

The SFA System allows you to relate field teams activities with key performance indicators and targets, in order to obtain better results and not just to mark them. In addition:

  • Manage in real time and with transparency the performance indicators of your employees and the most productive ones will feel recognized and rewarded for their efforts
  • Activities can be composed of several mandatory steps, defined by managers, which will guide the user in successfully completing the planned sales activities
  • Having transparent indicators and objectives for each employee will determine the entire team to relate to top performers and to focus its efforts towards achieving the targets

obiective in SFA

Rapid cash recovery from the market and reduced operational costs are two important objectives for any company that performs transactional sales pursues. To achieve these goals, it needs a well-defined working procedure and performance tools to ensure efficiency on all levels.

Efficiently control customers’ balances

client in SFA

  • Follow and collect balances with specific the SFA functionalities on your mobile device
  • Monitor customers’ payment history and establish credit limits or other restrictions in order to obstruct the sellers to take orders from clients with bad debts
  • If a customer pays, the account is unlocked instantly via the mobile device, and the agent can take a new order

Create predefined sales steps and correct the non-productive activities

  • The use and monitoring of the selling process steps will result in identifying and implementing company’s best practices for all the field teams
  • Implementing objectives and targets will motivate employees to carry out their work more effectively
  • A transparent selling process will allow you to interfere where unusual situations appear and to apply corrective measures in a timely manner

pasi de activitate in SFA

Reduce operational costs

dashboard vanzare tranzactionala in SFA 

  • Sales force travel costs are reduced, because they only have to get to the headquarters at the beginning and at the end of the working day, due to the rapid transfer of information between the SFA and ERP system
  • The Android platform on which the system runs is renowned for its low costs and its scalable interface, optimized for each type of mobile device (smartphone or Tablet) and offering productivity and comfort since the first use

Oversized stocks represent a restraint of capital, and in his absence, you may lose important sales opportunities. The SFA system provides you with all the information you need and it offers you effective tools through which you can correlate stocks with sales.

Provides complete information about each product

Detalii produse in SFA

  • Each product has an associated set of detailed information: price (or price lists), product category, logistical information, images, bar codes, discounts or special promotions, and other specifications which can be easily defined
  • Products can be categorized and displayed according to mobile users by various criteria: product category, brand, the geographical area in which the user operates, the type of user or its attributions, etc.
  • Mobile users have at their disposal on the device a wide range of logistical information: package, volume, weight, availability in store/s, packing methods, which will speed up the exchange of information between the field teams and warehouses

Turn stocks into competitive advantage in the marketplace

  • Through the SFA application the customers’ (IKA, distributors etc.) stocks may be submitted directly to the supply Department, which will know before issuing orders which products are requested
  • You can include slow moving inventory in liquidation campaigns that you can make available on the mobile devices of the agents
  • Launched campaigns can be correlated with corresponding sales targets motivating field teams to promote products with excess stocks

articol in SFA

Streamline product placement processes

  • Field employees can compare goods on the shelves with the planograms from the SFA system to ensure that the agreed settlement is respected
  • A fair and transparent product merchandising by categories of clients or sales channels will cause an increase in the rotation speed of stocks from shelf

The right tools will give you endless possibilities. With the SFA system you have the opportunity to integrate the information from the fields in the sales strategies that you build. You have direct access to customer and competition information, which will offer you a new perspective on the business.

You have access to flexible tools to collect data from the field

formular in SFA

  • All the questionnaires and forms from SeniorSFA are configurable, so that through the field teams you will be able to get any information about the actions of the competition in the market, actual prices on the shelves, shelf location etc.
  • Forms are defined by managers depending on the current needs or as monitoring tools
  • With this kind of information you can build competitive sales strategies, easy to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of the market

Turn the sales agents into sources of information from the market

  • All marketing activities (promotional campaigns, presentation materials etc.) are available for field teams directly on the mobile devices, and the information collected through these forms gets to marketing department
  • Market information and competition actions are centralized and monitored through the application forms, and all sales data are immediately available for analysis or elaboration of sales strategies, this way being reduced the number of long and without results meetings

sicronizare in SFA

Analyze the results and take the most appropriate decisions

Analiza in SFA

  • All the results, performance and sale information are stored in the system and readily available for analysis and development of sales strategies
  • Any interactive, graphic or tabular analysis can be built just by Drag & Drop
  • It does not require technical knowledge, the users’ imaginations determines the limits of the system

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