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SeniorVisualBI for data analysis

Discover how simple it is to analyze data with the most intuitive BI system, developed on the Tableau Software platform, world leader in data visualization

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Anyone who wants to analyze, monitor and oversee the operations that they perform can use SeniorVisualBI because:

It is extremely easy to use: just Drag & Drop

SeniorVisualBI comes to help non-technical users with very fast and intuitive ways of data processing and visualization, allowing people from all levels of the company to obtain interactive dashboards that are easy to understand by anyone, even without technical consultants.

Interfata sistem BI

Business Intelligence Dashboard

It is completely visual and interactive

Data analysis with SeniorVisualBI doesn`t mean just some static graphics, on larger time intervals. Dashboards can be studied in depth, being very easy to move from an overview picture to specific data.
Users can achieve comparative analysis, graphs in motion in order to observe the dynamics of indicators, multidimensional and “What-If” analysis for testing business scenarios.

Users have access to millions of records with a click

SeniorVisualBI enables the analysis of a huge data volume, bringing information about articles, partners, cash flow, profit, discounts, fixed assets, inventory, etc. with only a click. Regardless of the amount of data, they can be represented and analyzed through an unlimited number of views.

Analiza bugete venituri si cheltuieli in sistemul BI

SeniorVisualBI pentru IPad - 1

It’s available anywhere and anytime, on your desktop or mobile device
SeniorVisualBI is optimized for mobile devices: all functionalities – filters, parameters, visual analysis and even zoom options are adapted automatically, without being necessary the development of parallel analysis intended for such consumption. The system automatically adapts the way the information is presented, depending on the nature of the device from where it is accessed.

Interact with the BI system

SeniorVisualBI is developed on the Tableau Software platform, the world leader in data visualization
According to the annual survey conducted by Gartner (globally recognized technology consultancy and research company) Tableau Software is the world leader in terms of capabilities and performance of the BI system. In 2013 Tableau is leader in the “Business Intelligence and analysis platforms” section. 

Gartner Business Intelligence report 2011

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General Parma Food uses SeniorVisualBI

In a company like ours, with over 3,000 products, cost control is essential and can be achieved only by always having information at hand. The BI software allows the online analysis of indicators and ensures fast interpretation of data. SeniorVisualBI allowed us to make decisions in a shorter time based on cost information on each route, activity channel, information on stock jams and has helped us see the revenues so as to intervene quickly to recover the debt in the most exposed areas. If we had not had all this information, our decisions most likely would have been made based on intuition and without a measurable efficiency.