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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail



Discover 4 simple methods to increase sales with CRM

Although the selling process of each company has different characteristics, the measurement and evaluation of the sales process is reduced in most cases to 4 main factors that make up a simple math formula... Read more

magazin online ecommerce

Expand your sales channels: launch an online store!

Selling online is one of the biggest commercial opportunity of the moment: an online store is available 24/7 and offers many benefits. Read more

software sfa

Shorten the sales cycle and generate more sales opportunities

Consultative sale is specific to companies who are selling high value products ( eg. equipment, machinery ) and is characterized by a longer and complex sales cycle. Read more

crm ecommerce

Solutions for online consultative selling: CRM and E-Commerce

The prospect generation portal is suitable for high-value products, in which case the decision is taken after a longer time and where the seller intervention in the purchase process is required. Read more

Portal B2B

Simplify the selling and communication process with your partners using a B2B portal

The desire to access new ways to promote and facilitate communication with its partners has led to the emergence of online B2B e-commerce platforms, which borrows many of the benefits of online stores. Read more

sfa pentru automatizarea vanzarilor

Increase field team productivity with SFA

An accessible and powerful SFA (Sales Force Automation) system allows field teams to gain the speed, transparency and efficiency they need in order to conduct their work in the best conditions. Read more

wms gestiune stocuri

How to use WMS for warehouse optimization

Warehouse management software solutions are designed to create and control workflows in a warehouse. Along with ERP solutions, they provide accurate and fast communication between warehouses and headquarters. Read more

software sfa

General Parma Food uses a SFA solution

Due to the increased number and volume of products distributed, the number of partners and customers, but also due to competition on the local distribution market, Parma Food Food General decided that it is necessary to implement an integrated business management solution. Read more

gestiunea stocurilor

How to turn inventory into competitive advantage for your business

Effective inventory management involves satisfying customer requests, so that they get the desired products or services as soon as possible, and minimize the costs associated with managing goods, a basic element in maintaining the profitability of a company. Read more


Which is the best Supply Chain strategy for my business?

Article written by: PhD. George Ogrinja, Supply Chain Director, Associate Professor Faculty of Economic Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics, ASE Bucharest Read more