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100% remote implementation in premiere for Senior Software

The first company to benefit from a 100% remote implementation of Senior Software systems – SC Pro Activ – has already begun to note important results, such as traceability, business security and control of data and operations.

During this period, we noticed […] that many companies are adapting, are active, are looking for solutions to move forward and evolve. We are pleased to collaborate with management teams that have understood the usefulness of an IT system capable of ensuring remote communication and a high degree of automation of business processes […]. Currently, we have the whole implementation team busy.

Daniel Toma, General Manager for Senior Software

logo new pro activIn the context of the restrictions imposed by the authorities, Senior Software offers the option of remote implementation of software systems. Pro Activ, a distributor of construction materials with a turnover of 13 million euros, is the first Senior Software client where the implementation of software systems was done 100% remote. The implemented systems are: ERP, VisualBI and HR.

It is clear that Senior Software has all the tools needed to achieve a remote implementation, including know-how, a team of professional and very well trained people. We are extremely pleased with the choice made, and the fact that the implementation was done remotely did not hinder in any way the communication between Pro Activ and Senior Software. It’s like the team is here and we don’t have any barriers. The chosen solutions are vital for adapting to the market dynamics.

Alin Ionescu, Pro Activ’s Executive Director

Securing the business, traceability and management of resources and operations were some of the first results observed only a few days after Go Live.

The software helps us to have control from A to Z. We no longer have the vulnerabilities we had before with the old software and this, for me, is fabulous because I can focus 100% on the business agenda. […] Next, I expect to see an increase in employee efficiency, a significantly higher return and an increase in profitability.

said the Executive Director of Pro Activ

Remote control and visibility of the business and improved resource management are the main benefits that the distributor hoped to obtain after implementing the software.

[…] You can’t make the qualitative leap in business if you don’t have the necessary weapons, and Senior Software for Pro Activ is the weapon we needed to make a difference between us and the other players on the market. It is the complete tool and identifies with our “DNA”. Go Live, for us, was the day we entered another stage, another level.

completed Alin Ionescu


The implemented solution package offers numerous functionalities and benefits, such as:

  • Reduction of human errors
  • Automation of repetitive operations
  • Improved management and resource planning
  • Improved operational flows
  • Control and traceability
  • Accurate data and reports, transmitted quickly
  • Processing orders, receipts and invoices
  • Remote access to any information

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