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ApiLand has reduced its order processing times by 40%

Orders processed 40% faster, more accurate data and a clearer view of the company’s activity: these are a few of the benefits gained by ApiLand following the implementation of Senior Software’s ERP and BI suites.

ApiLand is a business with over 16 years of experience in the production and selling of beekeeping products. Following the implementation of the integrated analysis, reporting and resource management suites from Senior Software, ApiLand has improved its order processing times by up to 40%.

The ERP and VisualBI solutions have allowed ApiLand to improve the management of its Romanian, French and Hungarian markets. ApiLand has chosen to collaborate with SeniorSoftware thanks to their history of successful implementations and the high performance of their software suites.

When day-to-day operations reach a certain level of complexity, a flexible ERP system stands at the core of every decision and it can also solve certain industry-specific issues. Senior Software’s suites made a significant impact in our daily operations. With the ERP suite we can process hundreds of bills and orders each day and we can also manage a significant nomenclature of clients and SKUs. Because we were able to integrate the ERP suite with the delivery company’s platform, the times required to process orders have been reduced by 30-40%.

Ovidiu Bodea, CEO of ApiLand.

Some of the benefits gained by ApiLand after the implementation of the software suites are:

  • Day-to-day operations are solved faster
  • Managers now have access to more reliable and transparent data
  • Important information is now more secure

Also, the BI suite allows the management team to generate reports, analyze data and make quicker and more reliable decisions.

The Business Intelligence suite is very complex, but the way it is organized makes it easy to use. Once certain reports have been set, it is very easy to visualize the data you need.

Ovidiu Bodea, CEO of ApiLand.

For the future, ApiLand hopes that the implemented suites will continue to improve their order processing and accounting activities, the traceability of their stocks and their partner relationships.

At the moment, our activity takes place in Romania, Hungary and France, and the ERP and BI suites allows us to have a unitary activity on these markets. We will continue to use these suites on the new markets on which we are planning to expand in the future.

Ovidiu Bodea, CEO of ApiLand.

About ApiLand

ApiLand has the most varied and complete catalogue of beekeeping products in Romania. With a turnover of 3 million euro, they have extended their operations to other European markets, such as France, Italy, England, the Netherlands, Belgium and Hungary. All of ApiLand’s products are bio-certified and are sold on their online store, www.apiland.ro, and in their chain of 500 partner shops.

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