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Automation – the recipe for complete control of the Mauriziaro Meat business

After the remote implementation of the integrated systems provided by Senior Software, Mauriziaro Meat gained shorter working hours and more detailed business reports.

Mauriziaro Meat is one of the most important distributors of beef and pork in Romania, with a turnover of over 34 million euros. The company is part of the Pini group, founded in 1982 and recognized as an important player in the international meat industry.

Recently, Mauriziaro Meat implemented two software systems for business automation offered by Senior Software, namely SeniorERP (for resource management) and HR (for human resources management). The two systems are also used by www.pinialimentari.ro which aims to improve the monitoring of stocks, customers and suppliers by using automation.


We wanted to implement a professional accounting software, because we need accurate and complete data, real-time reports and a better record of inventory management and customers. With the solutions from Senior Software we expect to gain accurate and detailed reports, but also reduced working times.

Maurizia Pini,  General Manager – Mauriziaro Meat.


The SeniorERP and HR software purchased by the Maruriziaro Meat distributor offer a multitude of benefits, among witch Senior Software clients mentioned:

    • 30-40% decrease in order processing times
    • At least 2-3 hours saved per day in operation verification activities
    • Complete traceability
    • Increased transparency of business processes
    • Correct information, transmitted and processed in real time
    • Visibility on costs and revenues
    • Absolute control of financial flows
    • Significant reduction of returns
    • Improving internal and external communication
    • Automation of repetitive tasks
    • Increased productivity
    • Extensive customization possibilities and user friendly interface
    • Complex business reports and analyses, made easily

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About Mauriziaro Meat

Mauriziaro Meat is one of the largest distributors of beef and pork in Romania. With a turnover of over 34 million euros, the company has a modern warehouse in Arad, authorized for intra-community exchanges and has its own national distribution to over 100 customers. Mauriziaro Meat is part of the Italian Pini group with businesses in Italy, Hungary, Spain, China and the USA.