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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

Barta Ati manages 11 stores and 11 warehouses with Senior Software solutions

Barta Ati, an important distributor of beverages, cigarettes, sweets and coffee from Satu Mare, successfully manages its distribution, retail, cash & carry and van sales activities using the ERP, SFA and Retail solutions from Senior Software.

With a turnover of over 80 million RON in 2013, Barta Ati has been selling for over 20 years a wide range of alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, sweets, drinks and coffee. The company operates in Satu Mare through 11 stores, 11 warehouses and 25 sales agents.

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Wanting to increase the efficiency of performed operations and to get more visibility, Barta Ati managers sought to implement a complete solution, capable of managing all business components. On this line, they chose the integrated systems SeniorERP, SeniorSFA and SeniorERP for Retail.

In our industry the market is changing very often, the big resellers are trying to get as much as they can, and the only way a medium-sized company like Barta Ati can survive is with a reliable software that can protect our information, warn us when something is not right, provide us with security concerning the accounting records and an overview of our business. The integrated solution from Senior Software fulfills these conditions, and now, a year and a half after the implementation, I can declare that it is a good solution.

Said Mr. Ludovic Barta, Barta Ati CEO.

Currently, SeniorERP manages over 27.000 products sold by Barta Ati, along with stocks and prices, and commercial policies set with customers and suppliers. The integration of the ERP system with the SFA – for field sales agents activity automation – and Retail solutions – for streamlining the sales through stores, allowed the company’s managers to have better control over all sales channels, given that:

  • All 25 sales agents take orders directly from customers using the SeniorSFA mobile application, from where they are sent directly to ERP, in order to be processed and prepared for shipment. Then the ERP automatically generates subsequent documents such as delivery notes and invoices.
  • The 11 stores the company owns are using the Retail solution, where are issued up to 7000 documents per day. These are all transmitted to the ERP system at the end of the day.

Regarding the retail solution, it gives us the security and safety we wanted, as managers, from such a system: it requires users to operate correctly, unlike the old software that allowed them not to close day, to register documents for prior periods and so on.

Added Mr. Barta.

Barta Ati is locally renowned for the promptness and courtesy of its over 140 employees.


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