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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

Bico Industries has implemented the ERP, SFA and Business Intelligence solutions from Senior Software

Bico Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of insulation systems, chose the ERP, SFA and Business Intelligence systems from Senior Software. The company benefits thus of the most advanced integrated software solutions for business management that will help achieve the objective of strengthening Bico Industries position on the building materials market.

With a turnover of 9.4 mil. EUR in 2013, Bico Industries manufactures and distributes expanded polystyrene, corner beads, dowels and reinforcement mesh. Currently the company is in top 10 polystyrene producers and the first fiberglass reinforcement mesh manufacturer in Romania, with the most modern, fully automated production capacity.

bico industries a implementat ERP

Just two years after beginning the manufacturing activity, Bico Industries has implemented an ERP system, but with the accelerated development of the company its replacement was necessary because it no longer kept pace with the business growth. Consequently, managers have sought a flexible, last generation system, able to manage in an integrated manner the manufacturing and distribution activities, but also to provide access to real time updated reports. In this sense they chose the solutions package offered by Senior Software consisting of SeniorERP integrated with SeniorSFA – for mobile sales force automation and SeniorVisualBI – for advanced analysis and reporting.

“As a result of presentations made by the leading ERP software providers on the market, we found out that SeniorERP covers our company’s needs and demands. The software’s functionality is remarkable, given the relatively short time that was available for implementation, proof that the implementation team has achieved its objectives and was able to make themselves understood by all the functional departments of SC Bico Industries SRL.
We believe that the Senior Software approach was honest and for the provided budget it has offered maximum of elements (modules and applications) embedded in the final product. In the medium term we want to strengthen our position on our highly competitive market and the fact that we have a software that presents our work in real time and we can make decisions accordingly, it can only be another argument that we will succeed.”

Said Mr. Catalin Tirlea, Executive Director at Bico Industries.

Considering the main activity of our company, one of the conditions imposed in the selection process of the ERP system was that it has a dedicated manufacturing module. SeniorERP fulfilled this requirement, and the production of Bico Industries is currently managed through instruments such as manufacturing recipes, consumption or entry notes, wizards for the automatic generation of documents, various stock reports and so on.

In order to streamline the distribution, besides the specific functionalities offered by SeniorERP, such as the management of customers, suppliers, products, price lists or commercial policies, the company also needed a system that was accessible from mobile devices and that would automate the activity of the field sales agents. Thus, the SFA solution was chosen – which on one hand provides sales representatives with real-time access to inventory, pricing or customer history, and on the other hand allows sending the orders directly to the ERP system so that they are processed and prepared for delivery in no time.

Because they needed updated reports to support daily decisions, Bico Industries managers also implemented SeniorVisualBI, the Business Intelligence solution built on Tableau Software platform, global leader in data visualization. With the BI system, they follow indicators such as the sales volume, value or trends reported to articles, sales agents, customers or sales areas, the acquisitions situation or cost distribution on cost centers.

By upgrading the Hitrom factory in 2009, Bico Industries obtained a production area of over 15,000 sqm. Today, the expanded polystyrene production line has a capacity of 400,000 cbm per year, and the net production of fiberglass reinforcement mesh is about 28 million sqm per year. Beginning with the current year the reinforcement mesh is exported to the EU market.


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