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Delaco’s employees are now 25% more productive

Delaco Distribution – one of the most important cheese suppliers on the Romanian market – automated and optimized its 11 warehouses with the WMS suite from Senior Software. Some of the benefits gained by the company are: 100% traceability, 25% increased productivity and faster training for new employees.

The distributor of Delaco cheese – one of the most important players on the dairy products market in Romania – implemented a software system with which it simmplified operations in its 11 warehouses through automation. Complete traceability, increased accuracy in data processing and 25% increased productivity are just some of the benefits gained by the company thanks to the WMS solution for warehouse management, from Senior Software.

With a turnover of over 90 million euro, Delaco managed to gain remarkable results, such as:

  • 100% traceability, from receiving until shipping
  • A rate of almost 0% of human errors in data processing
  • A 25% increase in employee productivity
  • The rate of mistakes in the picking process is now lower than 1%
  • Increased storage space – around 15% more
  • Increased data and order processing speed – 24h shipping

“The most important benefit: the solution’s stability”

According to the Delaco management, among the most important characteristics of the WMS suite which were noted immediately after implementation, were: stability, friendly UI and the intuitive nature of the software.

After implementing the WMS system from Senior Software, the most important benefit which we noted was the solution’s stability. Daily or weekly interventions on the system aren’t needed, data accuracy is much greater and the number of errors is considerably lower. Also, the friendly interface of the WMS suite lead to the lowering of training times for new and existing employees.

Marius Istrate, IT Manager – Delaco

“Operating and conveying of data and picking accuracy have been increased”

By reoranizing areas, storage methods and more, the distributor gained time and space and increased operations accuracy and warehouse performance.

We talked with the Senior Software team about the optimization of the warehouse’s layout, and we gave up on some gravity shelves in exchange for some vertical shelves, thus managing to improve travel times for pickers.
Among the measured benefits, we now have 15% more storage space and 25% increased employee productivity. […] All warehouse processes are defined in the WMS and we have 100% traceability […] and mistakes made during the picking process have been reduced to below 1%.

Ildiko Uzoni, Logistics Manager – Delaco

For more benefits, the Delaco representatives have chosen to use a number of  Zebra equipment, offered through the itDepot platform.

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