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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

Dental Partner’s Grup implemented ERP, BI, SFA and CRM from Senior Software

Dental Partner’s Group – important distributor in the dental field – has chosen the integrated systems SeniorERP, SeniorSFA, SeniorVisualBI and SeniorCRM in order to support the business expansion plans.

Dental Partner’s Group imports and distributes stomatology equipment and consumables for dental technique. The company offers its clients complete services, from designing and organizing cabinets and laboratories, to the installation of the equipment and it provides after-sales service too.

implementare erp dental grup modificatIn the following period, Dental Partner’s Group managers intend to extend and consolidate their business nationwide, by opening of new branches and growing the mobile sale force on the one hand, and improving the quality of services offered to clients on the other hand. In this context, an integrated software for the management of present and future activities of the company was needed. Thus, Dental Partner’s Group has chosen SeniorERP – for the company’s resource and processes management, SeniorVisualBI– for advanced analysis and reporting, SeniorSFA – for sales force automation and SeniorCRM for managing interactions with customers from first contact until after sales services.

When we decided to expand our range of products and services for the dental market, we knew that it was important and necessary to implement an ERP system. Moreover, the situations encountered, related to the difficult and unorganized management of the customer database, stocks, spare parts and service requests, convinced us that we needed a complete information system to cover all company’s needs. We chose to work with Senior Software because during the market research we found out that it is a company with good references, has countless certifications and a professional team.“, said Mrs. Valentina Curculescu, Sales Manager Partner’s Dental Group.

The integrated solution consisting of ERP, SFA, CRM and Business Intelligence will represent the support needed for managing in best conditions all the activities of the company, regardless of their size or complexity.

SeniorERP will allow the company to manage more efficiently a large number of items, vendors, clients, commercial policies or locations. Due to the online working mode of the application, the information will be available in the system, regardless of the employee or location from where it has been introduced, which means that the decision makers of the company will have faster access to financial and management data and communication between employees and departments will be achieved more easily. In addition, the automation in ERP of the common financial and accounting operations will result in a reduction of the operational costs.

To improve communication with customers and increase their satisfaction, Dental Partner’s Grup managers have chosen SeniorCRM, the solution for customer and prospects relationship management and sales process improvement. The CRM system will be used by the employees from the marketing, sales and service departments and will help to:

Correctly manage customer information
Store a clear history of the interactions with them
Manage the offers and sales orders
Centralize the feedback received from clients
Faster management and solving of service requests

Besides the CRM system, Dental Partner’s Group decided to implement the SeniorSFA solution for the mobile sales force. This will allow the agents to promote the latest products and services of the company directly to the client. Also, they will be able to take orders and feedback from them transmit it in real time to the headquarters, due to SFA integration with the ERP system.

Last but not least, in order to obtain an overview of the entire business, the company’s managers have also chosen SeniorVisualBI, the Business Intelligence solution developed on the Tableau Software platform – world leader in data visualization. With SeniorVisualBI they will have access to real-time data on sales, expenses, stock turnover, cash-flow or the economic and financial profitability of the company, which means that it will help them make decisions in a shorter time, control costs more effectively and grow sales team performance.

Currently, Dental Partner’s Group is working on opening a subsidiary in Timisoara, and it will also open new branches in Iasi, Cluj and Constanta. The company will also increase the number of sales agents in strategic points in the country such as Arad, Bacau, Pitesti, Brasov, Oradea, Craiova, Galati, Baia Mare, Ploiesti and Sibiu.


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