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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

ERP On-Demand or On-Premise ERP – the next generation technology offers a choice

SeniorERP is the only system that provides the import and distribution companies in Romania with two ways of delivery, with different destinations and features: On-Demand and On-Premise. Moreover, each method of delivery is available in several licensingversions, the customer having the freedom to choose the right solution.

Whether the business objective of the management is controlling costs or maintaining the positive trend of development, every company needs a properly calibrated IT infrastructure. Compatibility between an ERP and customer specific processes is not sufficient for a decision to purchase. Each company has strategies, resources and specific needs, to which a software vendor must respond with flexible solutions.

Two new companies in the Senior Software portfolio, operating in the same business segment, distribution of veterinary products, implements SeniorERP with different delivery methods and licensing, designed to answer certain types of business and specific needs.

SeniorERP Enterprise, On-Premise method of delivery

A.B.A.D. VET, a distributor of drugs and veterinary Para – pharmaceuticals, has decided to implement Enterprise SeniorERP to control costs and streamline the distribution of over 300 articles by 700 veterinary clients (offices and veterinary clinics, farms, livestock and large enterprises, private farms, units Assistance veterinary, small farms, private, individual breeders of animals and birds, owners of pets). SeniorERP was selected in the final out of 4 qualifying systems and will be a support to increase the competitiveness of the company:

“Working on the previous application has become impossible, there is no provider personnel to maintain the system and update it according to our requirements. I opted for the SeniorERP Enterprise to streamline our current work and to keep pace with other players on the market of veterinary products. We want toincrease the working efficiency and, in this way, we seek reduction brought about by new cost jobs. ” Balint Anton, Director Abad VET and member of the Association of Physicians Veterinarians for Pets in Romania

The SeniorERP Enterprise addresses companies which:
• have a high level of complexity in the distribution process customization;
• have a large number of users and a high volume of transactions;
• have complex integration requirements with other systems;
• have the hardware resources and IT personnel;
• have the financial ability to make a significant initial investment to purchase ERP system and the necessary infrastructure;
• have restrictions on storage of data outside its own IT infrastructure;

SeniorERP Online, On-Demand (SAAS – Software as a Service) delivery mode

AVICO International, another important player in the distribution of veterinary products, works exclusively on the business to business, selling directly to firms. With a turnover of EUR 4.5 million, the company decided to implement SeniorERP Online to sustain a controlled extension, organic company growth and internal efficiency.
Online SeniorERP ensures AVICO International the same fluidity in International data processing and decision support, based on a monthly subscription of 69 EUR per user. The licensing SAAS has prove the most beneficial option for AVICO International, the company not wanting servers and dedicated staff for IT maintenance.

The SeniorERP Online version addresses companies which:
• have less than 20 users of the ERP system;
• have more points in a country and want information in real time;
• desire implementation of a complex, mature, experienced ERP;
• need simple integration, do not require extensive customization and time of implementation;
• Do not want to invest in hardware infrastructure and server software;
• Do not want to hire permanent staff specializing in IT;

About SeniorERP
SeniorERP is the software system of Enterprise Resource Planning type, designed to meet the complex needs of Distribution and Services companies. SeniorERP integrates the latest technological platform in an efficient system for growth and at the same time, in a powerful tool and strategy adapted to the complex needs of large companies.
The 80 distribution companies which have implemented SeniorERP benefit of scalability and reliability of a mature system, of real support and of a stability factor for the organization. Our goal is to bring technological innovation to support the distribution companies so that they do enjoy sustained growth and competitiveness.

About Senior Software
Senior Software is a private company with Romanian capital that offers software development services and IT consultancy for business management. Senior Software is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and its own solution, SeniorERP, is Microsoft and VeriTest for Microsoft Windows Server,. NET and Web Services certified.
Senior Software is certified under ISO 9001:2000 standards for quality management. Implementation of ISO standards for quality management aim primarily to define processes and objectives and measurable replication ensuring high quality standards in any activity of the company’s clients.

Among Senior Software customers we can mention:
Regency Company, Rocast, General Parmafood, Rosim’s Unic, Apollo Mod Distribution, Koelner Romania, Mergeani, S&D Pharma, Dianflex, Immergas, V-Tarus/Farmaceutica Remedia, Mediarom/Wunder Baum, Sarcomex, Bohemia/Koh-I-Noor, Eximod/Pneumatic, Hofigal, Biochefarm, Mim Team, Com-Gex/Office Media, Mirano International, KG Rulmenti, PetLine, Dinamic 92 Distribution, Felder Gruppe, Vitap Echipamente, General Beauty Supply, Sea-Bell Trading, Ficosota Sintez Romania, Cyrom Romania, General Industry, UPS Romania, Sentia, Avico International, ABAD VET, Julien Stile etc.