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German Electronics implements ERP and Business Intelligence from Senior Software

German Electronics, sole distributor of Conrad products in Romania, chose the integrated ERP and Business Intelligence solution from Senior Software, to sustain its sales growth and business expansion plans.

implementare-erp-german-electronicsGerman Electronics is sole distributor of the Conrad products in Romania, a German company which is number 1 in Europe in the field of catalogue sales of electronics. Through the catalogs and the online sales platform, German Electronics sells to individuals and companies a wide range of products that cover the entire electronics field.

In the last three years German Electronics product portfolio grew from 500 to 30,000. This accelerated business development has generated problems and complex situations whose solution has proved increasingly difficult and time-consuming. Moreover, the future plans of the company related to the maintenance of the sales grow and opening a store in Bucharest could not be sustained without the existence of an effective system for the business management, which would integrate all company processes and allow elimination of problems encountered in day-to-day activities.

Thus, the managers have decided to implement the integrated solution from Senior Software, consisting of SeniorERP the enterprise resource management system and SeniorVisualBI for advanced analysis and reporting.

erp-german-electronics-directorWe felt the need for an ERP system when our business began to develop in an accelerated mode. Thus, diversifying the product range and increasing the customer database imposed the need to automate repetitive processes and optimizing the sale process. It became obvious that we needed a powerful ERP system to allow us to manage and optimize all work processes and the information flow within the company.
We chose SeniorERP because it was the best for our business needs, and the cooperation with the company’s representatives proved to be an extremely professional one. We are convinced that we made a good and profitable choice.
“, said Mr. Vasile Boitos, General Manager of German Electronics.

Among the criteria that German Electronics had when choosing the ERP system from Senior Software there are: ease of use, functionalities, scalability, post-implementation support system and last but not least the cost of the solution.

German Electronics also chose to implement SeniorVisualBI, the advanced reporting system developed on the Tableau Software platform, world leader in data visualization. Integrated whith the ERP system, Business Intelligence system gives Conrad Electronic managers access to real-time information and allows them to quickly create any type of analysis or report just by Drag & Drop.” The analysis and processing of a large volume of information, data interpretation and comparison, whether it is related to the financial, sales, etc. departament, are essential in making the correct decisions for the company’s activity. The Business Intelligence system will allow us to streamline the decision-making process and track all indicators that influence costs and sales.“, Mr. Vasile Boitos also mentioned.

Regarding the future plans of the company, the General Manager declared: “Like any other company in the e-commerce market we hope we can win more clients and offer everyone a flawless sales experience, so that they return to us whenever they need it. Having an integrated management system of the processes within the company, we can get closer to the people and we can provide the things they need for an easier and more enjoyable life. At the same time, the ERP system will enable us to significantly increase the number of suppliers and the product portfolio.

German Electronics is a unique presence on the e-commerce market in Romania because it offers in one place everything the customers may need for both domestic – house, yard and garden, as well as business-computer & office use. In addition, it offers tools for specialists from various fields, such as communications, electro-technology, splitters and networking, security, alternative energy, etc.


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