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Gomar Electric manages the activity of its 29 subsidiaries with SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI

Gomar Electric, distributor of cables and electrical products, implemented the ERP and Business Intelligence systems from Senior Software in order to manage the activity of its 29 subsidiaries more effectively and to ensure their real time access to information.

Gomar Electric distributes cables, electric conductors and electrical products. In 2012 the company registered a turnover of approximately 65 million RON, two times higher than that of the previous year, and currently operates through 29 subsidiaries located in various districts of the country.

Gomar Electric a ales ERP si BI

The accelerated development of Gomar Electric company imposed the implementation of an online management solution, that will enable real-time access to information from any location and provide visibility for the managers over the entire activity. SeniorERP is the latest technological generation business management system and together with the advanced reporting solution SeniorVisualBI, it successfully met the automation and workflows optimisation demands expressed by Gomar.

With the help of the ERP system, Gomar Electric manages the stocks and sale of over 40,000 products. The ERP also has eased the organising of the company’s sales process, through the implementation of well developed trade policies. This way it was possible to automate the process of calculating the prices directly on documents, depending on the type of customer or supplier, product, quantity, volume, etc.

A very important aspect that has contributed to the choice of the ERP system from Senior Software has been its integration with the reporting and analysis solution SeniorVisualBI. Because of the Business Intelligence system capacity to provide real-time information, Gomar Electric benefits from updated reports for the analysis of sales by product groups, customers, etc., that support the daily decisions of the company. Moreover, the system is interactive and easy to use even for non-technical users.

Gomar Electric distributes products from famous brands such as Schneider, Moeller, Elba, Dietzel Univolt, Tungsram, Philips, Osram, and among its clients are: electrical systems or electricity distribution and automation companies, construction firms and electrical products users.

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