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Herlitz Romania successfully uses the ERP, BI and WMS solutions from senior Software

The Romanian representative of the German company Herlitz manages its activity in an integrated manner with the ERP, WMS and Business Intelligence systems from Senior Software. Data traceability and security, along with simplified operation and reduced human errors are some of the benefits obtained in just one year after the deployment.

Herlitz erp solutionsHerlitz Romania, one of the main players on the local market of office supply and stationery, manages its business with the integrated systems SeniorERP – for enterprise resource management, SeniorWMS – for warehouse management and automation and SeniorVisualBI – for advanced analysis and reporting. The ERP system implemented by the company also integrates EDI technology, intended for the exchange of documents with the International Key Accounts (IKA). The implementation decision has been taken by the company’s managers more than a year ago, when the previous computer system has reached its limits, and a part of the company’s work processes were caried out difficultly.

The increase of the company’s activity required improving the existing processes, sometimes even creating new processes, adapted to the requirements of the market and, in order to achieve this we needed a powerful and flexible software. Senior Software has been the provider that understood very well our needs and gave us the best solution considering the price and quality. The systems are developed on a new technology, ofering several possibilities for customization and development. Some of the benefits which we have obtained after the implementation are: simplified operation, reduced human errors, traceability, data security, an efficient reporting system.

Said Mr. Mihai Muresan, IT Director Herlitz Romania.

With the implementation of the ERP system the communication between the head office and the subsidiaries of the company has been facilitated, detailed trade policies have been established in relation to the more than 1,500 customers, and the price management methods have been improved, having into consideration the seasonality of the products and the large number of specific promotions from peak periods. Another important aspect is that Herlitz receives and transmits documents to its IKA customers via the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) technology, which resulted in large time savings, elimination of errors caused by documents handling and also a great cost reduction.

Concerning the management of the warehouse operations, the implementation of SeniorWMS represented a switch to a more advanced WMS that would allow Herlitz Romania a better control of the warehouse, taking into consideration the fact that it is integrated with SeniorERP. The benefits offered by the new system consisted in a more efficient organization of the warehouse and the activity of the employees, optimizing the picking process and obtaining an overall picture of the entire storage space.

Replacing the previously used Business Intelligence solution with SeniorVisualBI, the system developed on the Tableau Software platform, world leader in data visualization, covered the managers need to gain visibility and control of the whole business. SeniorVisualBI is easy to use even for non-technical users, enabling them to quickly retrieve relevant information on key business indicators, such as: sales, supplies or financial and accounting. Moreover, the Business Intelligence system is able to respond to any question due to its forecasting capabilities and what-if analyses.


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