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Marvel optimized storage space by 30% and reduced inventory time by 50%

Marvel, a distributor of safety equipment, reduced inventory times by 50% and optimized storage space by 30%, after using the WMS system from Senior Software.

Marvel, a distributor of masks and safety equipment from Suceava, implemented the WMS system for warehouse management, from Senior Software. After implementing the software solution, the company optimized its storage space by 30%, reduced the order processing time, reduced the inventory time by over 50%, and the training of new employees takes place in just a few days, compared to 3-4 months beforehand.

Other results obtained by Marvel with the WMS solution include:

  • Operational automation, such as the generation of transport documents, AWBs, transfers between managements, etc.
  • Shortened picking routes
  • Reduced order preparation times
  • The possibility of inventory by product areas and categories
  • A quick identification of products in the warehouse
  • Increase in employee productivity


The benefit we felt immediately after Go Live was the ease with which employees in the warehouse identified products. This, combined with the predetermined routes set together with the Senior Software team, led to more efficient order preparation times and increased employee productivity. Inventory times decreased by at least 50%, and by reorganizing the warehouse, an optimization of space was obtained by at least 30%.

Certain operations such as the generation of transport documents, the generation of AWBs, inter-management transfers and much more have been automated, thus relieving those responsible of such duties. I gained time, therefore, I gained money.

said Bogdan Spatariu, Operations Manager – Marvel


The results obtained by using the WMS software solution determined the Marvel management team to expand the collaboration with Senior Software, investing in two additional software systems: SeniorERP – for resource management and SeniorVisualBI – for detailed analysis and complex reports.


The pleasant experience we had after implementing the WMS system led us to a new decision: to continue working on the ERP and BI side with the Senior Software team. This will help us in the scalability of the business and in obtaining a more accurate picture of market demand. We warmly recommend the solutions of Senior Software to other companies.

added the Marvel Operations Manager


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