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Monte Banato manages production faster with 3 hours / day, with systems from Senior Software

Pasta maker Monte Banato uses Senior Software systems for business management. The company reduced production plan monitoring by approximately 3 hours / day.

Pangram is the producer of the renowned Monte Banato pasta and has a production capacity of 37 tonnes / day and a turnover of approximately 9 million euros. The company has automated its factories using Senior Software solutions: ERP for resource management, SFA for field sales management and BI for complex analysis and reporting.
The manufacturer of Monte Banato pasta reduced by one third the time dedicated to production tracking and, by replacing Excel, reduced the working time from a few days to several hours.

With ERP, we gained several good hours in a day’s work. We follow much more quickly what happens because we have better control, gaining at least a third of the day in time. If before we managed to have an exact vision on the previous day and the stocks only at lunch time, now we follow everything early in the morning.

said Liviu Semenescu, General Manager of Pangram – Monte Banato

The benefits gained by the manufacturer of the renowned Monte Banato pasta after the implementation of Senior Software include:

  • Reduced production tracking time – at least 2-3 hours saved per day
  • Decreased reporting times from a few days to several hours
  • Reduced human errors
  • Elimination of repetitive manual activities
  • Transmission and faster processing of orders
  • Remote management of field sales

The implementation of these software systems is of strategic importance. Now, we are on the path we have long wanted to be – that of automation, an open road to collaboration with a strong and stable company such as Senior Software. For us, the most important benefits are the elimination of wasted time and human error. We reduced the time to several hours, compared to a few days before it was working in Excel.

The first change was a more flexible way of gaining information. With BI you can track very fast and compare all the time what you have budgeted. We can direct the budget exactly where we need it and follow its execution, because we have several types of promotions granted. We now know what effect each promotion has had.

Another plus is the fact that ERP and SFA are very well integrated. The stock can be viewed in real time and stock reservations can be made based on orders, actions that our agents could not do with the old software. This way, we can reduce the number of non-honored orders, and better manage delivery volumes.


added the manager of Pangram SA

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