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The new version of SeniorSFA uses an innovative image recognition technology

Senior Software is pleased to announce the availability of a new version of the SFA application, a system that allows automating sales activities carried out on the field. One of the most important changes in the 4.8 version of SeniorSFA is the implementation of Trax, a new digital image recognition technology on the Romanian market.

SeniorSFA is a solution created for the automation and optimization of sales activities, helping distributors and manufacturers improve their field operations and grow market share, revenues and profit margins.

The latest version of the SeniorSFA solution is now available on Windows 10 and it uses a new technology for the Romanian market called Trax that provides a more accurate, consistent and reliable reading of digital images to understand how consumer goods are performing in the marketplace, in real time. With a standard accuracy of 96%, Trax uses the most advanced image recognition algorithms and automatically identifies any brand, sub-brand and SKU level product.

noua versiune sfa colaj sisteme comunicat v4

Thus, using the most recent version of SeniorSFA, sales teams can upload images directly from the shelf, and the solution automatically analyzes compliance indicators and, within minutes, it generates corrective actions, reducing time and workload in each store. Also, sales managers can create complex reports and analysis based on field collected data, thus improving shelf product placement.

“The new version of the SeniorSFA solution along with its integrated Trax technology reinforce our business automation software systems and represents a step further in our objective to deliver the best solutions for distribution and manufacturing companies in Romania,”

said Mr. Lori Haiducescu, Operations Manager at Senior Software.

The SeniorSFA 4.8 system from Senior Software is now more accessible, fast and intuitive, and with the new and improved features, sales representatives on the field can perform their tasks in the best conditions, working with a powerful and efficient solution. The most important benefits of the new SFA solution include:

  • Elevated accessibility through the solutions’ compatibility with the Windows operating system.
  • Increased flexibility through new features that allow to separately define customers’ hierarchy per sales team and to attribute order templates to specific groups of customers or users.
  • Streamlining work routes by integrating templates and interactive maps that allow scheduling regular visits. Also, site visits can be planned and prioritized according to sales targets.
  • Improving workflow and activity planning by viewing all urgent tasks in a single dashboard and by setting reminders and notifications.
  • Better user experience for sales managers by redesigning the web console.
  • Improving internal activity planning through new functionalities for managing non-client activities (recording internal meetings, trainings, etc.).

SeniorSFA 4.8 is intended for managing activities of the mobile sales force, connecting the customer, the field employee and the company. The system interface is optimized for each type of mobile device – smartphone or tablet – ensuring productivity, mobility and comfort since first use for sales representatives. With SeniorSFA both transactional sales activities, that are often encountered in distribution of consumer goods, as well as consultative sales activities, of equipment with high values and service related activities, can be managed.

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