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New SeniorVisualBI 6.1 available on iPad

Senior Software increases the availability of company information with SeniorVisualBI version 6.1. Inventory turnover data, expenditure on revenue and cost centers, the evolution of sales and profit on each sales channel, and other key information can be analyzed now on tablets and smartphones. Starting with this version was released an iPad native application, available on AppStore. Of particular interest in the new version was given detailed visual representations and data security.

“Effective solutions are easy to find when you reach the relevant information. With the new version SeniorVisualBI, decision makers have the necessary information available in any location at the right time: the user can access an application on mobile devices or desktop and enjoy the intuitive, interactive and speed experience of updating, accessing and analyzing data. “Lori Haiducescu, Operations Manager Senior Software

SeniorVisualBI is most intuitive data analysis system, being developed on Tableau Software platform, the world leader in information visualization. SeniorVisualBI offres features that make the art data analysis a simple process, accessible to any person in the company. Thus, any user of the system can be transformed into an informed decision maker at no extra cost and without needing technical knowledge.

SeniorVisualBI`s new version is optimized for touch screen and allows access to desired information through a single touch. All features, such as filters, parameters, visual analysis or enhancement options are automatically adjusted for such systems. There is no need to develop parallel analysis specifically for use on mobile devices. The system automatically adapts the presentation of information depending on the nature of the device on which is accessed.

Easy to navigate through reports and to seek relevant information are key features of the new version for tablets and smartphones. Reports with dimensions that exceed the size of the screen can be navigated simply by “Dynamic Scrolling”. The system addresses the need to make decisions quickly, to create a collaborative work environment that could cancel distances between departments and people.

“SeniorVisualBI is an important tool that allows, first, to explain the differences that appear on the graphic indicators. SeniorVisualBI allows online viewing of the activity, which is very important. Compared with the tools previously used, the software BI provided by Senior Software is much easier because it allows visualization of the activity areas. With no major time for the tests, BI offers speed in the interpretation of data ” Eugen Savu, General Manager Food Parma.

The new version offers a higher level of information security, as their availability increased. Information security is provided both at user level and data provided, whether they are accessed on the desktop or your mobile device.