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Ocean Fish is processing over 12 tons of products per day with the WMS suite

Ocean Fish, one of the most important producers of fish products in Romania, is processing 12 tons per day thanks to the warehouse management suite. The company’s evolution was supported by a unique pack of software suites and, today, they are selling over 20 tons per day.

Ocean Fish has automated its warehouses with the WMS suite from Senior Software, which has allowed the processing of over 12 tons of products each day. The company is one of the country’s largest fish products manufacturers, having two drive-in temperature controlled warehouses, each with a capacity of 5400 pallets, and two classic warehouses, with a a capacity of 1600 pallets each.

Thanks to the WMS suite, Ocean Fish’s workers can now easily and quickly find the products they are looking for, thus reducing the time needed to prepare and ship orders, which are now 100% delivered.

After we implemented the WMS suite, our employees started to have an easier time preparing shipments. They know from the very start on what row, level or floor they need to go in order to prepare the parcels. Thus, we can now ship all orders for which we have stocks available and we also have greater stock accuracy.

– Marius Trifu, CEO of Ocean Fish

The WMS suite has given Ocean Fish’s managing team a much more clearer view over stocks and warehouse operations. It has also made training new employees easier and the risk of human error has been greatly reduced.

Along with the WMS suite, Ocean Fish also uses the ERP, BI and SFA systems from Senior Software, which have greatly contributed to streamlining activities within the company.

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