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Sano Vita has 3 times more online sales with our solutions

Sano Vita tripled its sales after using a system pack from Senior Software. Additionally, the distributor increased employee productivity, lowered order shipping times and gained total control over business.

Sano Vita distributes vegetarian food products with a brand that is very appreciated in Romania. After implementing a business process automation system pack unique to Romania, the company now has three times more online sales.

Sano Vita uses a Senior Software system pack formed out of: E-commerce for online sales, ERP for resource management, BI for data analysis, WMS for warehouse management, SFA for sales agents management, CPM for budgeting and planning.

More online sales with E-commerce and complete traceability with ERP

With E-commerce, sales in the online area have tripled, because we have a better showing on the market and various promotion ways. Presently, we have orders from all over the country, a tighter link with our customers and data which is transmitted without errors– declared Adrian Buica, IT Manager – Sano Vita.

declared Adrian Buica, IT Manager for Sano Vita.

With Senior ERP, Sano Vita gained complete traceability and increased employee productivity. “The ERP System helps us see exactly what everyone is doing, which allows us to stimulate employee productivity, thus giving us very good control over our work force”, completed Sano Vita’s representative.

Optimized picking, easily found products and better trained employees with SeniorWMS

The WMS system lead to the automation of processes from the Sano Vita warehouse and the elimination of human resources, leading to the increase of the number of orders processed daily and the lowering of shipping times. Also, product shelf placement after different criteria helped with optimizing pikcing routes.

With SeniorWMS, even a new employee can find the needed products, because the article’s location and the fastest route to it are shown to him on a mobile terminal. Before, it took a couple of weeks to learn routes and each product’s location, now it takes 1-2 days maximum to get used to the system.

specified Adrian Buica.

Correct reports, marketing strategies and optimization in budgeting with BI, SFA and CPM

With SeniorVisualBI, the Sano Vita managers gain reports and business analyses much more quicker, based on correct and relevant information. At the same time, the SFA suite helped identify work load percentages for each sales agent and develop new marketing strategies. Not lastly, the SeniorCPM system gives the Sano Vita management team a greater visibility over budgeting processes.

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