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Senior Software announces the availability of SeniorERP in Hungarian and its first customer from Hungary

Senior Software announces the availability of SeniorERP solution in Hungarian that will be implemented by YLI, an importer and distributor of access control and security systems and components. YLI currently has offices both in Romania and Hungary, and the managers have wanted a system capable of facilitating the communication between the offices and managing the company’s activity in an integrated manner.

Founded in 2006, YLI is a Romanian company, with offices in Cluj-Napoca and Budapest, which imports and distributes access control and security systems. It currently serves over 500 customers in Romania and 300 in Hungary and is the unique distributor for the YLI brand in both countries.

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The limited functionality of the old system, which made it difficult to extract reports and work remotely, has led managers to choose a new solution, able to streamline the present activity and to support business expansion plans. Thus, considering criteria such as the solution’s maturity, the compatibility with the distribution activity, the recommendations received from the market and not least Senior Software’s responsiveness to translate and adapt the ERP to the Hungarian legislation, YLI has chosen to implement the SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI integrated systems.

“We chose SeniorERP due to its clear orientation toward the distribution area in which we operate (compared to other solutions envisaged), due to the platform and database software used, the possibility of further customization and not least due to recommendations received from Senior Software customers. Another decisive aspect was that we found the responsiveness to implement the solution at our office in Hungary, Senior Software not having at that time a solution tailored for this market. Hopefully after the completion of the implementations for both offices we will have a much better circuit of products movement and information between the two offices, allowing better tracking of stocks in both locations, seamless integration at product catalogues level, pending orders, blocked quantities etc. Simply put, we want a higher transparency and a simplification of the operating mode between the two offices.”

Said Mr. Calin Tulbure, Associate at YLI.

The implementation of the ERP system in both company’s locations will facilitate the communication and data transfer between them. Moreover, given the company’s plans to open other offices, it will be easier to manage them all using SeniorERP, because of the online working mode of the system that allows easy communication and secure data transfer.

Another aspect that contributed to the decision of YLI’s managers was the localization of the ERP solution in Hungarian, given that one of the offices is in Hungary. In this respect, the latest version of SeniorERP is available in Hungarian, besides Romanian and English.

„With the opening of our office from Cluj we were able to approach companies in the area and to better understand the particular situations they face, many of them having connections with the neighboring markets, such as Hungary. Translating SeniorERP in Hungarian is part of our approach to support such dynamic companies offering them a mature ERP platform, yet flexible and with international availability.”

Said Lori Haiducescu, Operations Manager at Senior Software.

With SeniorERP managers have also chosen SeniorVisualBI, the analysis and reporting solution. They took into account the quality of the platform on which the Business Intelligence solution is developed – Tableau Sofware, global leader in data visualization. With the BI system, managers seek to obtain faster and easier reports that would provide a clear and fair view of the business.


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