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Senior Software signs a strategic partnership with Tableau Software, the world leader in data visualization and launches SeniorVisualBI

Senior Software, supplier of the latest ERP technology for distribution, manufacturing and services in Romania, launches SeniorVisualBI on Tableau Software platform, the world’s number one data viewer. SeniorVisualBI is part of the new generation of BI, with focus on identifying opportunities, problems and patterns.

SeniorVisualBI is a tool for companies that implement SeniorERP, being at hand to anyone who wishes to analyze, monitor or control operations they carry out. SeniorVisualBI is fully visual and interactive, requires no technical knowledge or consultants, it is extremely easy to use – just drag & drop, is licensed at company level and not user and data access is done according to agreed security policies.

“The partnership with Tableau Software is a result of Senior Software new strategy to drive innovation into customer benefit. Although we pass a crises period we did not sacrificed the innovation or utility, Tableau Software is the world’s number one data viewer. Both dimensions contribute to the desire of every manager to handle their business better and easier, “said Daniel Toma, Senior Software General Manager

“We are excited about our collaboration with Senior Software. Senior Software released a new product on the market in Romania. SeniorVisualBI incorporates Tableau Software, a global leader in data visualization. Senior Software customers win powerful new tools for viewing and in-depth understanding of data. By partnering with Tableau, Senior Software offers a powerful and easy to use at the same time BI solution. ” said Elissa Fink, VP Marketing Tableau Software

SeniorVisualBI BI solution is the only Romanian BI system available in SaaS version, along with SeniorERP Online. Thus, customers are exempted from paying licensing, infrastructure hardware and IT maintenance costs, but taking advantage of an ERP system and a technological edge BI solution based on a monthly subscription.

With SeniorVisualBI, Senior Software launches in Romania the concept of “Self Service” in the field of integrated management systems. Increase system utilization, while software provider dependence is eliminated. This is accompanied by a competitive commercial offer, at company level and not user. Thus, any company that implements SeniorERP benefit from an unlimited number of licenses SeniorVisualBI.

SeniorVisualBI is developed on the Tableau Software platform, the #1 Business Intelligence solution in the world on data visualization. According to the Gartner survey in February 2010, Tableau Software`s BI is the solution with the highest level of customer satisfaction, with the highest level of use at the company level but also with the highest quality score. Magazine “The Economist” wrote in early as “Tableau for data visualization did what word processing programs have made for text, allowing manipulation of information in a creative manner.” In 2005, the year of its launch, Tableau received from the U.S. edition PC Magazine coveted distinction of “Best of 2005 Award” in the category of software for data analysis.

Currently, Tableau Software is available in over 50 countries, while corporate customers use the international class system for interactive data analysis: Google, Adobe, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Sony, Unilever, Whirlpool, Procter & Gamble, Louis Vuitton, Hallmark, Johnson & Johnson, AIMHealthcare, Pfizer, ALZA Pharmaceutical, Sanofi Aventis, The Coca Cola Company, Pepsi Bottling Group, Starbucks Coffee, Nestle, General Electric, General Motors, Toyota, Honda etc.

Tableau offers a free version, Tableau Public, intended for non-technical users: bloggers, journalists, researchers, lawyers, teachers and students. Analyses can be quickly published online: blogs, websites, and intranet.

About Tableau Software
Tableau software project took shape as a result of an initiative started by the U.S. Department of Defense. The project aimed a simple data analysis by non-technical users. With the knowledge and expertise of an outstanding group of researchers, the project has passed the stage of concept and has resulted in the most intuitive BI platform. The three Tableau Software founders are: Pat Hanrahan, a professor at Stanford University and a founder of Pixar, Chris Stolt, a technical genius and Christian Chabot, a leading businessman with a passion for data management. Among its founders and directors include experts from Microsoft, Pixar, Oracle, Hyperion and Adobe.

About SeniorERP
SeniorERP is a software application designed for enterprise resource planning to meet the complex needs of import and distribution companies. SeniorERP integrates the latest Microsoft technology platform. This opens up new delivery capabilities, development and administration features, the comfort of a secure network and increases technological efficiency of the organization, according to significantly reduce maintenance costs.
Companies that have implemented SeniorERP benefit of safety features and scalability by using a mature solution, a real support and a factor of stability within the organization. Our goal is to bring technological innovation to support the distribution companies so that they can enjoy sustained growth and competitiveness.

About Senior Software
Senior Software is a private company with Romanian capital that offers application development and consulting for business management information. Senior Software is Microsoft Certified Partner and proprietary, SeniorERP, is certified for Microsoft Windows Server Veritest,. NET and Web Services.
Senior Software is certified according to ISO 9001:2000 quality management system. Implementation of ISO standards for quality management aimed at defining the main processes and measurable objectives and ensuring high standards of quality replication in any work for clients.

Some of Senior Software clients: UPS Romania, Courier Roman Express, Regency Company, Phoenix Contact, Rocast, Side Group Technova Invest, General Parmafood, Apollo Mode Distribution, Koelner Romania, Velfina, Dynamic 92 Distribution, S & D Pharma, Immergas Romania, V-Tarus/Farmaceutica remedy Mediarom / Wunder Baum, Eximod / Pneumatic, Hofigal, Biochefarm, Mirano International, KG bearings, Rosims Invest, Felder Gruppe, Vitap Equipment, Sea-Bell Trading, FICOSOTA Sintez Romania, General Industry, Senta, poultry International, etc..