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Senior Software releases new version SeniorERP Online – the first ERP in Romania available on Windows Azure

Senior Software announces availability of SeniorERP Online on the fastest computing platform for global cloud – Windows Azure. SeniorERP becomes the first running natively online ERP system in Romania on most modern IT infrastructure available at present, through which companies gain access to the latest system from any location via the Internet without the need for server space storage or dedicated staff and without an impressive budget for implementation.

Companies who choose SeniorERP Online, by paying a monthly fee, have access to:
– Full version of the system
– Updated versions
– Hardware performance
– Operating system
– Database system
– Administration
– Backup and failover
– Availability, security, reliability, flexibility and scalability cloud computing platform from Microsoft

Launching SeniorERP  onWindows Azure platform is a direct result of investments made by Senior Software in the latest technology, able to meet the specific demands of the companies in the Distribution, Manufacturing, Services and Retail.

“Migration of SeniorERP on Windows Azure platform is a natural step for Senior Software. The move to the safest platform currently on Internet supports our promise to the customer: the latest technology platforms transformed into competitive advantage. The fact that we are the first in Romania that have made this step represents an additional guarantee for flexibility and growth rate of our system. Our desire is to always be 24 hours in advance of customer expectations, not only to respond to them quickly. “Daniel Toma General Manager Senior Software

“Any new technology, even more those that represent a fundamental change in how the software is developed, needs pioneers. To be there in the first line, it takes initiative, work, research, courage and, not least, trusts in partners. I found all these ingredients to the Senior Software team at the launch of Azure SeniorERP technology. This marks an important moment in the evolution of cloud technologies that are now mature to handle demanding business applications that are becoming solid and are growing higher. Florian Ivan, Partner Manager at Microsoft Romania

Thanks to the latest technology integrated SeniorERP, Senior Software customers have the flexibility to choose the option that meets the needs of business, existing IT expertise in company growth forecast, and budget policy location data available. SeniorERP can be purchased on-premises (Licensing), hosted on their own servers or at a  specialized provider or in SaaS mode (Software as a Service)  on Windows Azure platform.

“It’s amazing what Senior Software did in March: migration of SeniorERP to cloud platform Windows Azure. In a single month went through analysis, migration, testing and implementing at the first client. Launching the first Romanian ERP on Windows Azure cloud platform demonstrates that Microsoft is able to host complex business applications. “Zoli Herczeg, National Technology Officer, Microsoft Romania

“The Senior Software team wants to thank to Microsoft Romania for the support. It is a delight for us to see how our passion for technology and engineering found in the Microsoft Partner offer the opportunity to turn into concrete products of last generation. “Haiducescu Lori, Operations Manager Senior Software

Windows Azure operates on Microsoft Global Foundation Services infrastructure. This is ISO27001 certified, internationally recognized as a leading data security management standard. Information is guaranteed replicated in at least three children, which eliminates the risk of data loss and ensures system and data availability 24×7.

SeniorERP Windows Azure platform addresses companies that want to reduce the initial investment in a computer system and have limited technical resources or unwilling to invest in hardware infrastructure and IT personnel. The system is a scalable solution for companies that have large fluctuations of activities and have more outlets and want real time information in each location.

About Windows Azure
Windows Azure platform consists of a set of computing services that can be used together or individually: Windows Azure, which provides a scalable environment with computing capabilities, storage, applications hosting and management;  SQL Azure, a relational database cloud that provides access to data anywhere, anytime; Windows Azure AppFabric a bus that simplifies the interconnectivity of traditional data center applications (on-premises) and cloud.

The main features of applications written for Windows Azure Platform:
1.Aplications written for Windows Azure Platform will be authentic for cloud applications – developers can highlight the resilience and scalability capabilities as applications;
2.Aplications can ever be written for cloud deployment models used in “traditional” – in customer data centers and Web hosting providers;
3. Interoperability is a basic principle of this building. Windows Azure is an open platform that supports. NET, PHP, Ruby, Python or Java. Data portability is provided by open standards such as HTTP, XML, SOAP and REST, implemented in the platform.