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Senior Software Launches the English Version of SeniorERP and Prepares to go Abroad

Senior Software makes the first step in preparing SeniorERP for export by launching the English version of its system. The decision came as a result of the ERP growing popularity among the subsidiaries of multinational companies from Senior Software`s portfolio and their request to use the system in local offices from other European countries. The features specialized on vertical markets, the use of latest generation technology and, last but not least, the increased performance of the ERP system have determined by now 23 multinationals to choose Senior Software for their branches in Romania.

SeniorERP successfully meets the specific needs of a multinational subsidiary, enabling rapid integration and communication with the systems used at the headquarters, high local business flexibility and so on. For this reason, many of the 23 multinational companies in Senior Software portfolio are top players in the international market: RIGK, part of RIGK Germany – offers innovative recovery solutions and systems for plastic packaging and plastics from trade or industry; Aluplast, representative of Germany Aluplast concern, manufacturer and distributor of PVC systems; Ecowater Systems – world leader in water treatment systems, member of the Marmon Group Berkshire Hathaway with offices both in the US and Europe; Phoenix Contact, from Germany, world leader in connecting technologies; S&D Pharma – United Kingdom, top distributor of pharmaceutical products; Roxtec – from Sweden, a world leader in the production and distribution of modular sealing systems; Walmark – Czech Republic, manufacturer of dietary supplements; the Dutch group Akzo Nobel, the largest producer of paints and varnishes in the world and so on.

With the release of the new version of SeniorERP, now available in English, Senior Software offers to foreign companies the opportunity to work with the same ERP system, regardless of the branch location or nationality of employees. At the same time it facilitates and accelerates the exchange of information between different subsidiaries. This version presents a number of new features designed to bring SeniorERP closer to the demands of a multinational company:

the end user experience in working with the application is improved by reducing the time dedicated to data registration;
access to desired information is optimized by improving the functioning of the search filters;
the user can directly import from the application interface a wide range of entities: products, partners, several types of documents and so on.

“The ability to react to the demands of the market ahead of the competition, regardless if it is a local or international market, allows you to keep on top in a highly dynamic economic climate. This is a fact especially in the case of a multinational, where the availability and accuracy of the information on which decisions are taken are having a major impact on the local branches, the employees and the company’s indicators in general. Therefore a clear, correct and fast communication between branches and the parent company is important.
Due to the popularity of our systems among multinational companies, we decided to get the SeniorERP solution ready for export, in the first phase by delivering it in English. This way, we want to offer new opportunities for our clients, by providing a robust, but flexible ERP platform, which is available abroad. “ said Lori Haiducescu, Director of Operations of Senior Software.

Mario Nita, General Manager at Immergas, the biggest thermal power stations manufacturer in Italy, motivates the choice of SeniorERP: “The mother company in Italy benefits from one of the most technologically advanced ERP solutions and we had to seek for a similar one. We had the freedom to choose a local solution. The market has developed now, there are more and more solutions that cover a range of incredibly great features. But the difference was represented by the people I was going to work with.”

Walmark Romania, part of the Walmark group from the Czech Republic and local leader in the food supplements market, has decided to implement the systems offered by Senior Software due to the immediate benefits for management: the possibility to quickly turn the operational information into management analysis, to lead to the right decisions in a competitive market. Although Senior Software solutions have been confronted with international systems, Ana-Maria Mironescu, CFO at Walmark Romania declares that: “categorically, SeniorERP was closest to our current needs, allowing for future development.”

SeniorERP ensures the transfer of information between branches and the head office, whether or not they have implemented the same system. Thus, manual operation of data is eliminated, which results in an increased accuracy. The risk of human errors is eliminated. “In order to communicate with the headquarters, we use a Wizard developed by Senior Software to import and export the data directly in the system used in Poland. Costs are now reported daily and sales weekly, so the headquarters can watch local performances in their own system.” said Bartosz Sieroslawski, the Commercial Director from Koelner, number one in the production and distribution of restraint systems for construction in Poland and one of the main manufacturers in the same area in Europe.

The benefits Senior Software clients got by implementing SeniorERP demonstrate the capacity of the system to support both visionary small companies and permanently expanding multinationals, successfully answering a wide range of reporting, efficiency, speed and integration – related requirements. In this context, Senior Software started the process of internationalization based on the experience accumulated in more than 170 implementations and successful partnerships concluded with international leaders in the software industry.