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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

Senior Software solutions contribute to the expansion of the local distributor Timar Distrib

The distributor of cutting, milling and drilling tools and protection equipment Timar Distrib implemented the ERP, Business Intelligence, SFA and WMS solutions from Senior Software to benefit of an integrated information system, able to sustain the company’s growth.

Timar Distrib imports and distributes cutting, milling and drilling tools and protection equipments, offering complete solutions for the civil and industrial constructions, production of PVC joinery, furniture and car services markets.

In the context of the increasing activity volume and because of the problems encountered in managing the business, Timar Distrib managers have replaced the previously used systems with the integrated solution from Senior Software, consisting of SeniorERP, SeniorVisualBI, SeniorSFA and SeniorWMS.

erp systemWe decided that we needed an ERP system when the company began to expand more and more. In addition, we wanted to have a clearer situation of the purchasing, sales, marketing, and accounting processes. The ERP software implementation was held in an appropriate time, taking into account that the company was facing some problems, starting with the accounting and ending up with everything that concerns the sales process. We chose the SeniorERP solution, because it was important not only to have a computer system, but to have a very good one.“, said Mr. Marian Ciungu, Owner af Timar Distrib.

Now, the company’s sales representatives take orders directly from the clients using the mobile SFA solution on Android. Due to its highly intuitive interface, SeniorSFA allows the quick creation of orders, searching the products depending on a large variety of criteria, tracking orders history, balance payment and many others. “With the implementation of the SeniorSFA solution we want to increase the performance of the sales agents and to have a more effective control of our clients and stocks.“, added Mr. Marian Ciungu.

Then, all customer orders are sent automatically to the ERP, and from here are submitted to the warehouse, in WMS. The employees from the warehouse performe the picking, namely collecting the goods ordered by the customer, and after picking, the WMS sends an acknowledgement to the ERP. Along with this the order quantities are updated, so that the subsequent documents such as notices, invoices etc. to be issued. This integrated working mode facilitates the unfolding of the sales activities, from order collection up to products delivery, increasing employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

The Business Intelligence solution is used by the Timar Distrib managers to track the business indicators such as sales grouped by agents, groups of products or sales areas, the profitability of each product, the distribution of income and expenditure, stock evolution, the forecast of the products and so on. Thus, according to Mr. Marian CiunguThe Business Intelligence system ensure fast data interpretation. In addition, it helps us to keep record of the expenses and revenue, and to watch the cash flow, aspects that were very difficult to do until the SeniorVisualBI implementation.

The future plans of the managers consist of building a strong brand on the Romanian market by expanding the product portfolio and sales areas. “I believe that we will achieve the objectives of growth and expanding on the local and national market with the help of the solutions from Senior Software.“, added Mr. Marian Ciungu.


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