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Senior Software’s suites have improved the activity in Mirdatod Prod’s plant

The ERP and VisualBI suites from Senior Software improved the cheese producer Mirdatod Prod’s activity. Now, all processes and resources from within the plant are more efficiently managed, and reports and business analyses are created more easily.

Logo Mirdatod ProdMirdatod Prod’s plant from the Mures county has become more efficient following the implementation the software systems. With the help of the ERP and BI suites from Senior Software, the manufacturing process has become more precise and efficient.

We have chosen to work with Senior Software based on 3 criteria: their history of implementations, their market referrals and the provider’s professionalism. Now, […] required information is gained with much more ease.

David Todoran, shareholder for Mirdatod Prod

The automation of the planning, reporting and analysis processes, supports the company’s development and expansion plans. Mirdatod Prod invested in flexible and intuitive software suites in order to improve its activity and to prepare the business for the future.

In order to efficiently run a constantly growing business, we needed information, which was hard to gather with the old software, an important amount of work being required in order to centralize data. […] I think that purchasing the ERP and BI package is extremely useful for production companies.

Mircea Todoran, shareholder for Mirdatod Prod

With the help of SeniorERP, the company can now:

  • Manage the entire manufacturing process
  • Guarantee an optimal level of materials
  • Gain a better vision and more control over data

The SeniorVisualBI suite helps improve the decision making process, by:

  • Gathering precise and relevant data in real-time
  • Simple creation of graphs, forecasts, simulations, KPI analyses, etc
  • Gaining a single version of the truth
  • Reducing errors and the time required to process data

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