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Senior Software’s turnover has grown by 20%

In 2018, Senior Software had a turnover increase of 20% and, as of early 2019, the latest version of the SeniorERP suite was launched. Also in 2018, customized business management systems were implemented for companies like: Royal Computers, Libris.ro, TeraSteel, Ocean Fish and many more.

With a 20% turnover increase in 2018, Senior Software is the only software suite supplier in the country which offers a complete package of integrated solutions for business management.

In 2018, we’ve introduced customizable integrated suites to the market, in order to help sustain key players from various industries. In addition to the flexible software suites, based on internationally tested technologies, we’ve also made available for companies interested in automatization a wide array of performant equipment, from world renowned producers. One of them is Zebra Technologies, which in 2018 has awarded us with the Premier Business Partner status.

Daniel Toma, CEO of Senior Software.

The supplier’s list of clients continued to grow in 2018. Companies from different business areas benefited from Senior Software’s apps and equipments:

  • Royal Computers: the WMS suite helped with the shipping of over 98% of orders and a 35% increase in productivity.

  • Libris.ro: the WMS solution improved warehouse operations by 30%, reaching up to 12,000 orders processed in a single day.

  • TeraSteel: after only a month, the APS suite has increased their Romanian and Serbian factories performance by 10%.

  • Koh-I-Noor and ProfiArt implemented the E-commerce platform and have increased their sales by 81% and respectively 30%.

  • Ocean Fish: 12 tons of products processed daily and employees trained in 2-3 days are few of the benefits brought by the WMS suite.

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