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Implementare ERP, CRM, BI, SFA si SCM pentru distributie, productie, servicii si retail

SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI implementation – part of Sipex Company growth strategy

Sipex Company implemented the ERP and BI systems from Senior Software to get the necessary software support for sustaining the company’s growth strategy, which concerns the expansion of the product portfolio and nationwide business consolidation.

With a presence of over 16 years on the Romanian market and a turnover of more than 17 million euro in 2013, Sipex Company develops and distributes products and complete solutions for constructions and finishes. The company is targeting both the retail segment as well as construction firms, industrial clients and individuals. Currently, Sipex Company owns 7 logistics centers nationwide and a car fleet with over 95 cars through which it serves the Southern, Central, Western and Northeastern Romania.


The decision to implement an integrated business management software started from the goal set by company’s management for the 2012-2015 period – that is increasing the turnover by expanding, developing and strengthening the business nationwide. This objective was made up of three strategic development directions. The first took into consideration the expansion of the product portfolio by launching an own brand and concluding new partnerships, the second consisted in strengthening the position on the national market by opening three new logistic centers, and the third was meant to offer the technological support to the first two by purchasing an ERP software integrated with a Business Intelligence solution for reporting and analysis.

We could not be able to achieve our goal until the end of 2015 if the approach from 2012 – that is getting financing for the implementation of the ERP and BI systems, would not have been completed successfully for us in 2013. Putting in balance our objectives and the information technology resources owned by Sipex Company in 2012, the decision to implement a modern ERP solution came naturally, becoming an important condition for maintaining the competitive advantage. A growing business needs an ERP software to provide rapid information on the company’s resources.“, said Mr. Irinel Gheorghe, General Manager of Sipex Company.

In order to achieve the objectives set, Sipex Company chose to implement the ERP and BI systems offered by Senior Software due to their high degree of flexibility and their compatibility with the company’s activity area.

Some of the determining factors in choosing the solutions proposed by Senior Software were the high level of customization and configuration, as well as quick access to any desired information. SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI demonstrate increased flexibility through their configuration, the intuitive visual instruments, easy to use by everyone in the company without special training, it offers the critical needed information at the right time, as well flexible, detailed analysis and resource planning. All theese have resulted in the acceptance of the software applications by all members of the organization“, added Mr. Irinel Gheorghe.

With the implementation of the SeniorERP solution, within Sipex Company:

• Well developed internal business workflows and automated operational processes were implemented, that favored an increased data accuracy;
• Inventory and operations relating to it are managed more efficiently, which resulted in optimizing and increasing the stocks turnover;
Trade policies laid down in the relationship with suppliers and customers are successfully managed.

Thanks to SeniorVisualBI, the Business Intelligence system developed on the Tableau Software platform – world leader in data visualization – managers have obtained access to customized reports and analyses, based on real time data. Using the BI solution, they follow sales, purchasing indicators or accounting analyses such as Profit&Loss. Thus, the time needed to adopt business decisions has decreased considerably, and the management aims to increase profit margins over the next two years.

Sipex Company offers its customers, besides a large variety of products, technical consulting, computer coloring, training and theoretical courses as well as practical solutions for goods transport. Among the brands distributed by Sipex there are Henkel, Dufa, Bell Plast, Franke, Mesterica (own brand), etc.


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