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SeniorERP adds efficiency to the distribution of para-pharmaceuticals and medical devices

Velfina, company specialized in production of medical devices for modern wound management, chooses SeniorERP in order to consolidate its growth, in view of improving the economic and financial indicators of the company. SeniorERP implementation comes against the backdrop of rapid growth, but which couldn’t be supported by the old system, the implementation being a natural step to streamline work processes in the newly created company.

“Companies that have had rapid growth are now the most exposed to economic pressures. Although in some cases the market has not decreased significantly, the volume of business is unsustainable in the absence of effective, intuitive, profitable processes. Efficiency is the key word on the agenda for more companies. This come towards us in order to change applications, both technologically and in terms of business needs.

SeniorERP arguments for these companies consist in scalability, stability and permanent adaptability of the system to the market: we have clients who started working when SeniorERP when they had 7 people and a CA 300,000 EURO, now reaching 20 million Euro and 150 people. ” Lori Haiducescu, Senior Software Operations Director

SeniorERP replaces the implementation of an accounting application and aims to streamline the flow and improve operational performance management. The main expectations of implementation refer to online operations, automatic application of policies by commercial price lists, tracking dynamics of revenues and cost centers, tracking validity terms etc.. At managerial level, SeniorERP will allow the of view useful statistics based on data from the system, such as tracking the sales divisions, groups of items, customers, or analyze profitability margins on items.

Velfina is a dynamic player in the market of medical devices for modern wound management, being actively involved in events for emergency medical practice. The company currently has a portfolio of approximately 500 items with the main target being hospitals and private clinics and a planned increase from 10 to 18 million USD. Day, Velfina was present at the National Conference of Emergency Medicine with the two divisions: Emergency Care Division – first aid products and Surgical Care Division, represented by single use sterile sets.

The criteria which were the basis for the selection of SeniorERP are:
• quality / price ratio;
• security and flexibility of the system;
• the system’s focus on distribution;
• shorter time of implementation;
• professionalism of the Senior Software team;

“The system previously used no longer covered the needs of the company. Along with the development of our company, we felt a need to increase managerial control over all flows of the company. SeniorERP came up with an excelent quality price ratio, another decisive argument being the short implementation time due to specialization in the area of distribution, and Senior Software professional team. ”
Mr.. Ion Stefanescu, CEO Velfina SA, member of European Association for Wound Management

SeniorERP successfully integrates specific processes for pharmaceutical and para-pharmaceutical distributors, with a portfolio of competitive players in this market. Besides the specific modules of ERP: accounting, assets, logistics, treasury, sales, acquisitions, etc., SeniorERP offers several advanced features that bring value-added to distributors of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and Para-pharmaceutical such as:
• Possibility of allocating logistic units at article level, helping to streamline the processes of reception, commissions and distribution;
• Online control over the quality and level of stock in a distribution network;
• growth rate of stock rotation and reducing stock breaks;
• allocation and control of stocks in the online network of distribution centers;
• increase customer satisfaction regarding orders;
• warehouse activity without increasing the allocation of additional human resources by improving logistics processes (increasing the number of lines of the reception, commissionaire per person);
• traceability of upstream and downstream of the entire supply chain and distribution;
• implementation of online quality management, developing a corporate-oriented processes and a correct measurement of key performance indicators;

About SeniorERP
SeniorERP is the software system of Enterprise Resource Planning type, designed to meet the complex needs of Distribution and Services companies. SeniorERP integrates the latest technological platform in an efficient system for growth and at the same time, in a powerful tool and strategy adapted to the complex needs of large companies.
The 80 distribution companies which have implemented SeniorERP benefit of scalability and reliability of a mature system, of real support and of a stability factor for the organization. Our goal is to bring technological innovation to support the distribution companies so that they do enjoy sustained growth and competitiveness.

About Senior Software
Senior Software is a private company with Romanian capital that offers software development services and IT consultancy for business management. Senior Software is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and its own solution, SeniorERP, is Microsoft and VeriTest for Microsoft Windows Server,. NET and Web Services certified.
Senior Software is certified under ISO 9001:2000 standards for quality management. Implementation of ISO standards for quality management aim primarily to define processes and objectives and measurable replication ensuring high quality standards in any activity of the company’s clients.

Among Senior Software customers we can mention:
Regency Company, Rocast, General Parmafood, Rosim’s Unic, Apollo Mod Distribution, Koelner Romania, Mergeani, S&D Pharma, Dianflex, Immergas, V-Tarus/Farmaceutica Remedia, Mediarom/Wunder Baum, Sarcomex, Bohemia/Koh-I-Noor, Eximod/Pneumatic, Hofigal, Biochefarm, Mim Team, Com-Gex/Office Media, Mirano International, KG Rulmenti, PetLine, Dinamic 92 Distribution, Felder Gruppe, Vitap Echipamente, General Beauty Supply, Sea-Bell Trading, Ficosota Sintez Romania, Cyrom Romania, General Industry, UPS Romania, Sentia, Avico International, ABAD VET, Julien Stile etc.