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SeniorERP implementation, an important step for Nuevo Construct

Nuevo Construct, one of the leading players in the segment of spare parts for machinery in Romania, has implemented the ERP solution from Senior Software in order to take advantage of the latest generation software platform. Through the use of SeniorERP, the company’s management wants to get the business to a high level of productivity and efficiency.

Nuevo Construct exists on the market of spare parts and accessories for construction equipment since 2004, and in 2009 a service department with national coverage has been established. The company represents prestigious brands, including PERKINS, ISUZU and JCB – one of the top three worldwide construction equipment manufacturers.

“At the beginning of this year we decided to make an important step for the company’s development, through the purchase of an integrated software solution that would help us migrate the accounting service on a last generation software platform, and substantially improve the management of our commercial activities.” said Mr. Adrian Sabau, Owner of Nuevo Construct

Prior to the SeniorERP implementation the company used a management software and the accounting was outsourced and managed through another application, which often resulted in discrepancies between inventories, between customer balances, the documents were processed twice and access to real-time information was extremely limited. In this context, the implementation of an integrated ERP system was seen by the company’s management as a necessary condition for the problems that led to the activity slowdown.

As a result of a software market analysis, Nuevo Construct decided to implement the ERP system provided by Senior Software, due to its attributes:

  • The latest generation of technological platforms and an user-friendly interface
  • Adaptability to the company’s specific and flexibility for future changes
  • Constant software updates according to the ever-changing legislation
  • The customers that successfully use the application at the present time

“These are just a few reasons why we chose Senior Software as a partner, but I can say that we have discovered others since we started working on the new platform, for example new features that we never thought of when we started the collaboration.” added Mr. Adrian Sabau.

Due to the online working mode of the SeniorERP application, the communication between the two warehouses of the company, located in Turda and Bucharest, was significantly improved. Thus, any information recorded in the system is now immediately visible to all employees who need it, regardless of the location from where the application is accessed.

For each of the approximately 2500 clients of the company, specific information on the machines that they own is recorded in the ERP system. This functionality facilitates the access to complete data about clients and helps streamline the service activity that Nuevo Construct employees carry over the country.

With the help of SeniorERP the company manages the commercial policy with clients and suppliers: discounts and payment terms set out on every price list or partner are taken automatically on the commercial documents.

For the near future, the company is planning to extend the capabilities of the SeniorERP system by implementing specific solutions for analysis and reporting, customer relationship management and online sales, as Mr. Adrian Sabau mentions: “At this moment we are at another level, by having implemented the ERP solution offered by Senior Software and we wish that in the first half of next year to implement new components, such as Business Intelligence, CRM and E-Commerce. When we`ll integrate these tools, I think we`ll get at the top of a pyramid that we have been aiming for a couple of years, because we really think that <<software is the heart of a company.>> “

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