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SeniorERP – a new technological innovation, a step closer to customer needs

SeniorERP incorporates Workflow Foundation as a tool for mapping and automation of business processes. In an extremely competitive business climate, efficiency and flexibility should complement each other. To get to meet our customers needs, Senior Software incorporates in the technology platform of the system the modeling and automation of business component delivered in the last generation. NET: Workflow Foundation.

By implementing an ERP, the customer has established two major goals: efficiency and operational flexibility at the level of management. On closer analysis, it is seen that the two objectives are contradictory:

1. To be effective in operational terms, business processes need to be defined and controlled. Therefore we speak of rigor, not flexibility. This feature is especially valid for medium and large companies, where any potential losses are greater than gains made by the greater elasticity. And yet, during this period, if you are not able to readjust quickly to the business, you are in danger of losing everything.

2. Flexibility implies a permanent adaptation of business strategy in terms of business environment. If you are a company at the beginning of the road and want to cover a market segment, you need to differentiate the old players and probably larger, already existing. So you have to be flexible. But this attitude to risk behavior could no longer control the business processes. This leads in the medium term loss of customers to win so hard.

Workflow Integration component allows to redefine any time business processes, in strict compliance with the terms of newly created flows. Customer benefit is a high efficiency of business processes throughout the entire company and also a saving of time and money.

At the operational level, the Workflow Foundation SeniorERP brings added value through:

• Increase operational efficiency. A complex of ERP, it becomes easier to assimilate and to operate by generating an intuitive work flow. It turns abstract concrete work situations in a logical flow, allowing a better understanding of how work and involves an increase of efficiency of work;

• Configurations simply achieved by designing for rapid flows of work and modification of an immediate flow, according to process needs;

• Integrated Working. At intuitively level, representation of processes involved in the system respect the natural characteristics of the workflow. Develop process flow involves the possibility of integration with other systems to provide additional functionality, covering all the requirements of a business;

By integrating Windows Workflow Foundation, the client finally has answers to the need for decisional flexibility:

• Upon implementation, the existence of a workflow involves increased compatibility between ERP and business type / flow of activities / organizational client, the users’ accommodation with the new system is reduced in this way significantly

• Reduce costs by exploiting the much better features available in an ERP;

• Get a strong decision support that allows the control and performance management processes;

• Quick identification of nodes and critical points in the process and the allocation of new resources for needs;

• The ability to automate even the most complex processes;

About SeniorERP
SeniorERP is the software system of Enterprise Resource Planning type, designed to meet the complex needs of Distribution and Services companies. SeniorERP integrates the latest technological platform in an efficient system for growth and at the same time, in a powerful tool and strategy adapted to the complex needs of large companies.
The 80 distribution companies which have implemented SeniorERP benefit of scalability and reliability of a mature system, of real support and of a stability factor for the organization. Our goal is to bring technological innovation to support the distribution companies so that they do enjoy sustained growth and competitiveness.

About Senior Software
Senior Software is a private company with Romanian capital that offers software development services and IT consultancy for business management. Senior Software is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and its own solution, SeniorERP, is Microsoft and VeriTest for Microsoft Windows Server,. NET and Web Services certified.
Senior Software is certified under ISO 9001:2000 standards for quality management. Implementation of ISO standards for quality management aim primarily to define processes and objectives and measurable replication ensuring high quality standards in any activity of the company’s clients.

Among Senior Software customers we can mention:
Regency Company, Rocast, General Parmafood, Rosim’s Unic, Apollo Mod Distribution, Koelner Romania, Mergeani, S&D Pharma, Dianflex, Immergas, V-Tarus/Farmaceutica Remedia, Mediarom/Wunder Baum, Sarcomex, Bohemia/Koh-I-Noor, Eximod/Pneumatic, Hofigal, Biochefarm, Mim Team, Com-Gex/Office Media, Mirano International, KG Rulmenti, PetLine, Dinamic 92 Distribution, Felder Gruppe, Vitap Echipamente, General Beauty Supply, Sea-Bell Trading, Ficosota Sintez Romania, Cyrom Romania, General Industry, UPS Romania, Sentia, Avico International, ABAD VET, Julien Stile etc.