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SeniorERP simplify the ERP implementation by integrating the ClickOnce technology

SeniorERP, the solution for business management of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) developed by Senior Software offers new facilities based on the most advanced technological standards of the moment. SeniorERP integrated ClickOnce, an innovative technology developed by Microsoft. The application is automatically updated with new versions through a simple click, radically reducing the time and cost of implementation and avoiding the disruption in the company due to the installation of new versions.

ClickOnce is a Microsoft technology for implementing software platforms based on Windows Forms and Windows Presentation Foundation, known as Smart Clients. ClickOnce is only available on platforms. NET 2.0. Through ClickOnce, installing and running an application is as easy as a click on a link from a web page. The basic principle of ClickOnce is to simplify the stability of web applications and to develop client applications for Windows. Besides, ClickOnce supports solving the 3 other big problems with conventional models of implementation and deployment:

• difficulties that arise when the application must be updated with new versions
• the impact of applications on the computer user
• granting permission to the administrator for an application to be installed in the system

Downloading applications via ClickOnce is considered to have a moderate impact, given that they are installed per user, not per computer. There is no need any specific administrator privilege to install this application. Each ClickOnce application is isolated from others. This means that a ClickOnce application cannot “damage” another application.

Update links
ClickOnce applications can update themselves, they automatically check the existence of newer version than that currently used, and when it detects new versions of the application, it automatically replaces the old and updates the application. For applications already installed, ClickOnce has more upgrade options. Applications can be configured to search for sites to update at computer startup or after it starts. ClickOnce disciplines behaviour and timetables for the update. There is support for mandatory update links, or updates pending, which provides assurance that all the users of applications can benefit from a new improved version, in a very fast, low cost and without interruption in the company.

The ClickOnce model supports two main kinds of applications: applications installed (with affinity with conventional Windows applications, integrated in the start menu) and online applications (applications hosted on browsers that are not installed, only the cache and executed there). ClickOnce applications can be installed on a computer in a location on the Web, in a network, or even on a simple as a CD. Technology deployment (installation and implementation) is integrated with Visual Studio 2005 and is supported natively MSBuild technology. Currently, ClickOnce works with Internet Explorer, and variant FFClickOnce extension allows Firefox support.

About SeniorERP
SeniorERP is a solution that ensures the flow of business processes by integrating them and providing opportunities for expanded control over the different critics of the business indicators: Indicators logistics (eg time order preparation; Grade loading car park; stock rotation) or indicators of sales (ie Number of documents; average value document, adding commercial / profit rate; Number of positions on the document; Number of items sold, Number of active clients, average collection period; degree not casde bills; Volume Returns, Discount etc..).

SeniorERP is an application developed on the platform. NET 3.0 and MS SQL Server 2005 platform and uses the Windows Communication Communication Foundation, a new world standard for application management business. SeniorERP is available in the version meant for Windows Server 2008 platform, the most advanced operating system Windows Server today. SeniorERP provides communication and integration of Electronic Data Interchange – EDI. The system integrates online technology localization and optimization routes Virtual Earth, developed by Microsoft. For upgrade and rapid deployment, the application integrates the ClickOnce technology. SeniorERP offers facilities for connecting directly to its own e-commerce portal with the ERP system, with widespread benefits in the expansion of alternative sales channels.

SeniorERP has a modular architecture, consisting of: Accounting Module, Fixed Assets Module, WMS Module, Logistics Module, Car Fleet Module, Controlling Module, Purchasing Module, Sales Module, SFA Module, Pricing Module, Stocks Module, Production Module, Treasury Module Subscription Module, Managerial Analysis Module, Work Space Module, Administration Module.

About Senior Software
SeniorERP is an ERP solution for business management developed by the Senior Software. Senior Software is a private company with Romanian capital that offers consulting services and development of information management for business. Senior Software is a member of the Senior Group. (Www.seniorgroup.ro)

Senior Software is Microsoft Certified Partner and SeniorERP has Microsoft certification in accordance with the requirements of Microsoft Windows 2003 Server, XML Web Services and. NET Framework. In the portfolio of skills of Senior Software can be found both new Microsoft technologies (SharePoint platform and. NET, SQL Server, XML Web Services, implementing solutions in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and SQL 2005), and business consulting to implementation of ERP solutions .

Among Senior Software customers we can mention: Best Print Service, Biochefarm, Bohemia Koh-I-Noor, Civis Grup, Classic Dome, Consumer Product Network, DianFlex, Dohler Romania, Eurocleaner, Euro Grawo, Eximod, Gazeta Sporturilor, Hofigal Export, Immergas Romania, Interactive Systems, Koelner Romania, Mediarom/Wunderbaum, Mergeani, Mim Team, Moldvin, Nepmar Auto Import Export, Pharma Vita/Plant Univers, Regency, S&D Pharma Romania, Sarcomex, Sensident, Trans Courier Service SRL – agent exclusiv UPS Romania, Vitacare International, V-Tarus/Remedia.