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SeniorVisualBI: a must have analysis tool for competitive businesses

SeniorVisualBI, the Business Intelligence solution offered by Senior Software, currently analyzes businesses worth over one billion euros. Along with the Enterprise Resource Planning system SeniorERP, the BI software was chosen by more than 100 Senior Software clients. The system allows the overview and in depth analysis of business indicators.

More and more Senior Software clients are choosing to integrate the Business Intelligence solution with the ERP or CRM system. It has an extremely important role in the decision-making process because is able to address the reporting and analysis needs of all departments or types of companies, regardless of their activity field.

Thus, the SeniorVisualBI system, developed on the Tableau Software platform, world leader in data visualization, is used in more than 100 companies that run together over 1 billion EUR.

“Lately more companies see Business Intelligence solutions not as an optional choice, but as part of the ERP or CRM system that they implement. Since the first interaction with SeniorVisualBI, customers perceive its intuitiveness and analysis power, and once they have it at their disposal, it is easy for them to create the needed reports and take the appropriate decisions, because the system has the amazing ability to adapt to any type of business”, Lori Haiducescu, Senior Software Operations Manager

The BI system provided by Senior Software is extremely easy to use, since minimal technical knowledge is required, and the reports and analyses can be created with only Drag and Drop. The most recent Business Intelligence version presents a number of features designed to increase the system’s interactivity:

  • New forecasting capabilities, which allow predicting the future values of the business indicators based on the available historical data
  • New types of graphs: tree maps, that display the information in a compact form and highlight the relationship between part and whole
  • Access to the system’s interface without having to install the Desktop application. The Dashboards can be quickly created, directly from a web browser or on the tablet

Forecast in Business Intelligence

Discussions with managers from several companies that use SeniorVisualBI revealed that the BI solution has significant importance for the decision making process as it allows for rapid identification of the factors that influence the evolution of a business, as Mr. Ovidiu Roman, Executive Manager at M&M Product – flexible packaging market leader in Romania, says: ”Considering the fact that M&M Product has 7 locations over the country, it is important to know exactly where you need to act when something doesn’t work as it should. And with the help of the BI reports you can find out quickly what are the influence factors.”

At the same time, Mr. Vali Canpeanu, Sales Manager at Roxana SRL – leader in the distribution of beverages in Bistrita, emphasizes the in depth data analysis capability of the system:  “We are more than satisfied about the BI system, because it provides us information that we couldn’t access so easily before. We are able to analyze in detail the sales and profitability of each product group in part or by manufacturer, and we get the customer offers reports, for example, with just 2 clicks.”

The companies that use SeniorVisualBI belong to different activity fields, such as FMCG, construction, pharmaceutical, electrical and electronics, energy, agriculture etc., and most of them have recorded growths in turnover during 2012, like: Adaconi – importer and distributor of stationery products – with 19%, Apollo Mod Distribution – importer of cosmetics – with 21%, Phoenix Contact – the leader in interconnect technologies – with 42%, Regency Company – importer of melamine, furniture accessories and kitchen countertops – with 32% and so on.

About SeniorVisualBI:

Through the SeniorVisualBI solution, Senior Software has introduced the concept of “Self Service Business Intelligence” for the first time in Romania.

SeniorVisualBI is developed on the Tableau Software platform, recognized by Gartner (globally recognized technology consultancy and research company), as a world leader in terms of capabilities and performance of the BI system. In 2013 Tableau is leader in the “Analysis and Business Intelligence platforms” section.

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