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Technova Invest – 5 years of constant growth with the support of Senior Software systems

SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI have been supporting for 5 years the development of the heating system material distributor Technova Invest. Currently, the company has exceeded a 15 mil. EUR turnover and aims to increase sales with SeniorE-commerce – the online shop from Senior Software.


Technova Invest operates in heating materials systems trade field and it’s one of the leading distributors of complete copper systems, with a market share of over 40%. In 2011 the company’s managers decided to implement the integrated solutions: SeniorERP – for business management and SeniorVisualBI – for advanced analysis and reporting, and thereafter implemented SeniorE-commerce – the e-commerce solution from Senior Software. Since then the company has been growing constantly both in terms of turnover, which increased by 36% and reached 15 mil. EUR in 2015 and in number of deposits, which tripled during this period.

When we decided to implement a solution for managing our business we considered purchasing a system that would cover the need to manage the large number of clients and articles distributed in multiple locations and that could be integrated with other solutions or modules, and Senior Software systems matched our needs perfectly. Their use was translated in an increased number of deposits, from 3 to 9, and turnover. By using SeniorVisualBI and SeniorERP we got better control over the business because they give us real-time information and reports.

Said Mr. Mihai Chifor, IT Administrator at Technova Invest.

SeniorERP’s features, such as the unique database and the online working mode, allow entering the information once, which is then available in real time to all employees, regardless of where they are. For Technova Invest, a company with several branches in various parts of the country, these advantages of  SeniorERP have resulted in an improved internal communication, reduced potential of error occurrence and increased operation transparency.

Along with SeniorERP, Technova Invest has implemented an online store. Its integration with SeniorERP makes any order placed by customers in the online portal to get in SeniorERP automatically and then to be processed and prepared for delivery in the shortest time.

To meet the need for real-time monitoring and business control, Technova Invest implemented SeniorVisualBI – the analysis and reporting solution built on Tableau Software platform, the global leader in data visualization. The interactivity and ease of use make the Business Intelligence system a necessary tool for the company’s managers, as it allows easy tracking of the main business indicators – sales, profit and acquisitions.

Established in 1996, Technova Invest sells solid fuel and gas boilers, steel panel radiators, ball valves, radiator valves, fan heaters and air curtains, tower rail radiators, tools and plumbing accessories, fixing systems from manufacturers such as Arca, Ferroli, Pekpan, Thermal Trend, Emmeti, Carlo Poletti, Erico Zilmet etc. The staff of over 100 employees ensure prompt and efficient operation of the orders from the 9 warehouses located in: Oradea, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Bucharest, Baia Mare, Sibiu, Craiova, Suceava.

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