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TeraSteel plans production in the 3 factories in Romania and Serbia with APS from Senior Software

TeraSteel manages the 3 factories it owns in Romania and Serbia with the help of a production planning software provided by Senior Software. With the new system implemented, the company increased production by 10% and any change in the production plan is made in real time, without delaying orders.

terasteel implementare apsTeraSteel, a subsidiary of the TeraPlast Group that has a turnover of 65 million euro, is the leader in Central and Eastern Europe in the production of insulated panels and galvanized structures.
With the implementation of the APS suite from Senior Software, the company registered an increase of over 10% in production in the 3 factories located in Romania and Serbia

Other benefits gained by TeraSteel after the planning software implementation include:

  • Increased production capacity to 7000 sqm / day in Romania and 8000 sqm / day in Serbia
  • The option of replanning 400-500 orders in only 10-15 seconds
  • Remote planning of production in Serbia
  • Eliminating lost times and financial losses
  • Entering new orders, adjusting current orders or planning the supply with just a few clicks

For TeraSteel, this software implementation brought an increase of more than 10% of the total production, but, in my opinion, the most important benefits are the flexibility offered by the solution and the traceability gained within the relationship with our customers.

The fact that we can change the production planning three, seven, ten times a day without losing money is the most important thing and this gives us control.

All this is turning into a much bigger financial gain for our customers, and we, as a business, position ourselves as a very serious company.

From my point of view, this software implementation took us from the National Football League to the European Championship, and I highly recommend it to other Romanian companies


said Cosmin Patroiu, General Manager of TeraSteel


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