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The integrated systems from Senior Software contribute to increasing Coriolan Distributie profitability

Coriolan Distributie, an important distributor of cosmetics and detergents, is managing its business with the integrated systems SeniorERP and SeniorVIsualBI. Among the benefits that the company wants to obtain are: increasing its profitability, improving customer relationships optimizing the stocks and not only.

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With a turnover approaching 35 billion RON in 2013, Coriolan distributes a wide range of cosmetic products, cleaning products, detergents, and chemical products. Currently the company operates in 11 counties from Moldavia and Brasov and has distributors in 28 other counties in the country.
In order to get a better control over its costs and to improve the decision-making process, Coriolan Distributie has decided to implement an integrated business management solution, consisting of the ERP and Business Intelligence systems.

If we analyze the information flows within a company working in the private sector at the moment, we realize that an integrated information system is indispensable. The reasons why we chose to work with Senior Software were mainly related to the professionalism that it has proven in all the phases of the project, their understanding of the business model of Coriolan, the flexibility in customizing the solutions and rapid response to technical requests. After the implementation we plan to get an increased business profitability, to improve customer relationships and also to manage the inventory better, due to the high accuracy of data.

Said Mr. Ionel Silav, Administrator of Coriolan Distributie.

Another reason why Coriolan managers chose SeniorERP is the intuitive interface of the application. Being extremely simple to use, it could be assimilated by the users in a short period of time.

The implementation of the ERP system has enabled the company to integrate all data and processes in a single software platform, which helped increase the accuracy of the sales, stocks, expenses and not only, and a high transparency over the prices, payment terms and discounts granted to customers. All these have contributed to improving the decision-making processes within the company, and also the trade relationships.

With SeniorERP, Coriolan had also implemented SeniorVisualBI, the advanced reporting and analysis system developed on the Tableau Software platform, global leader in data visualization. The integration of the ERP system with the Business Intelligence solution was considered “a « must have », due to high intake of added value, because it allows you to take clear decisions for the company, based on accurate data“, as Mr. Ionel Silav mentioned. With the BI system managers track especially sales indicators, such as total and client turnover, trade margins, acquisition costs, granted discounts, and expenses on cost centers.

Coriolan is sole importer in Romania of the Mil Mil and Hunca products, and has in its portfolio important brands such as L’Oreal, Garnier, Bella Romania, Alix Avien, Ficosota Sintez and more.

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