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The largest book warehouse in the country is using WMS from Senior Software!

The WMS suite from Senior Software has helped the online retailer Libris.ro to improve warehouse operations, increasing efficiency by around 30%, offering benefits such as: increased stock accuracy, client satisfaction and shipments and the faster processing of orders.

LibrisThe Libris.ro warehouse is the largest book warehouse in the country dedicated to an online store, with a surface of over 5000 square meters and 45000 articles in stock. After conducting a market study, the Libris team concluded that the warehouse management suite from Senior Software was the one that best fit their technical requirements.

Some of the benefits brought by the implementation of the WMS suite in Lbris.ro’s warehouse are:

  • Warehouse operations are 30% more efficient
  • Shipping volumes are 35% higher
  • Inventory and training for new employees are done faster
  • Increased visibility over warehouse operations
  • Significant reduction of human errors

…the implementation of the WMS made warehouse activities more efficient by around 30%. […] work times have been lowered for all operations like picking and stock transfers. […] If before around 10% of our orders were handled by our call center because stocks weren’t accurate, now this percentage has been greatly reduced, along with shipping times. This year, the number of Libris’ shipments has increased by 35%

Laura Teposu, Business Development Manager Libris.ro

One of the important selection criteria was the ability to integrate the new system with the two ones that were already in use: an ERP type solution and an E-commerce platform. Also, along the WMS, Libris.ro also purchased hardware equipment from Zebra, through the itDepot platform.

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