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The Romanian manufacturer & distributor of Torockoi cheese: „It’s an A+ program”

Since using Senior Software’s suites, the company which produces and distributes the Torockoi cheese brand has achieved 100% traceability, increased control over costs and revenue, and also gained a clear view over the in which direction business strategies head to.

Binal Mob, the Torockoi cheese maker and distributor from the Transylvania region uses a software package for integrated business management, which has simplified factory operations and has improved field sales.

The company from Alba (Romania), wihch processes over 15 000 liters of milk daily, has managed to optimize its production and distribution through the following integrated systems: ERPfor resource management, BI for data analysis and SFAfor sales agents, all provided by Senior Software.

Some of the benefits obtained by Torockoi dairies, through the automation provided by the Senior Software solutions, are:

  • Better control over cash flow
  • Increased speed and accuracy in data processsing
  • Complete traceability of products
  • Adjustment of activities based on the market requirements
  • Lowering of product returns and errors in general
  • Improved relationships with customers/suppliers, etc.

„We can do more in a shorter amount of time… It’s an A+ ERP”

Before the production process even starts, the Binal Mob managers know exactly what amount of money to invest and what profits will bring each product, and this is due to the software company uses.

ERP, with all its modules, helps you a lot… One of the first advantages you will notice is the streamlining of repetitive tasks, you can automate most of the operations. It helps when you want to know how much money you make … you can make decisions, you can make a sales plan, a budget.
We realized that we can do more in a shorter amount of time and with accurate data. It helped us a lot on the traceability side. A+ for the program. It solved that problem for us.

Marius Chiorean, Property Manager for Torockoi dairies

„With SeniorSFA we simplified the way we work”

With SFA from Senior Software, the sales agents of Binal Mob have a higher speed in field data transmission and processing and also a clear view over sales activities.

SeniorSFA is a very stable and responsive application… Our work was greatly simplified. It helped us optimize sales quantities significantly, in the sense that we pay more attention to how the product performs on the market … we were able to find out where the problems were, what solutions were needed, and as a result returns have been reduced by a large factor.

Marius Chiorean, Property Manager for Torockoi dairies

Using the SeniorVisualBI solution, the company’s managers have successfully obtained a clear image on its daily activities. Also, Binal Mob gained acces to essential data which reveals the position of products in the market, a classification list for the 500 partners of the company and much more.

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