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The TMS software increased Top Market’s number of delivered orders by 20%

Top Market’s orders – deliveries conversion rate increased by more than 20% after using TMS from Senior Software to optimize deliveries.

Top Market is a beverage distributor from Cluj with a turnover of over 20 million euros. The company has 3 logistic warehouses and a fleet consisting of 43 freight vehicles with a payload between 1.3 and 11 tons.

After implementing the software optimization system (TMS) from Senior Software, Top Market reduced logistics costs, streamlined transport routes and increased the orders – deliveries conversion rate by over 20%. Other results gained by the beverage distributor in Cluj include:

  • 99% accuracy in order-to-delivery conversion
  • Reducing total costs of delivery
  • Automatic order planning, customized based on multiple criteria and restrictions
  • Reducing route planning and delivery times

In route planning, the solution takes into account the client’s GPS coordinates, the client’s work schedule, the allocated time for loading and unloading goods both at the customer and in the warehouse, the fleet capacity and the tonnage for each individual vehicle, the driving times for Category C drivers. Crew planning is done the night before, so that the next day everyone knows what their activity is for the whole day, the clients, the times and the route.

Simina Costin, Operations Manager

After the implementation of the TMS solution, Top Market effectively plans and executes the delivery processes. With the help of the transport management software, the distributor now manages to deliver the goods in a shorter time and at minimum costs.

In terms of savings directly from the transport management system, we gained a 3% reduction of fuel consumption and a 2% increase in loading efficiency, while the conversion of orders-deliveries had an improvement of over 20%. Sure, the percentages seem small, but we have to consider that in a single month, in full season, we do about 90,000 kilometers, which means about twice the Earth’s Equator length.

Marin Tarta, Executive Director

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