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The TMS solution from Senior Software helps you reduce the transportation costs by 15%

Senior Software announces the release of a TMS (Transport Management System) solution that allows you to reduce the transportation costs up to 15% and also reduces the orders delivery time, through tools for automatic planning and allocation of the resources involved in the transport of goods.

solutia tms

The TMS solution from Senior Software is developed on a platform that is accessed by over 800 companies worldwide, like wholesale distributors, perishable goods carriers, logistic services suppliers and many others. The application contributes to improving the usage of resources involved in goods transport: drivers, cars and fuel, generating 7 to 15% cost reductions. Moreover, it significantly decreases the orders delivery time, taking into consideration that the orders and transportation routes planning is done automatically.

In many situations the shelf price of a product has a significant component represented by the transportation costs associated to it. So here is another opportunity for the companies that want to become more competitive by optimizing the supply chain. Thus, to complete the suite of systems destined to inventory optimization and warehouse management, we release the delivery routes optimization solution, able to reduce the transportation costs up to 15%.

Lori Haiducescu, Operations Manager at Senior Software.

With an extremely intuitive and easy to customize multi user interface, the TMS solution allows an easy planning of routes, both manually and automatic, based on the suggestions offered by the system, as well an optimal allocation of resources. Daily routes can be scheduled based on cars features or goods quantities, and the orders that must be delivered can be grouped by geographic areas and routes. Besides these, the TMS can also calculate the transportation costs, related fees or carbon dioxide emissions.

The TMS solution also improves the communication with the vehicles on route, this communication being carried out through the integrated telematics module. Thanks to this module, the drivers can receive various messages from headquarters or can be informed about certain changes that appear in the planning, and the people responsible for the routes planning can have a real time insight view, over the entire trip, that is of delays or route deviations.

The system can be integrated with an ERP or WMS solution, which means that all the orders from clients that are next to be planned for delivery can be imported directly from them. Another benefit is given by the modular structure of the system that allows companies to implement just the modules they want, depending on the specific requirements of their activities.

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