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The Total Tools distribution company has implemented SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI to automate internal processes

Total Tools, a leading tools provider in Central and Western Romania, decided to manage their business with the ERP and Business Intelligence solutions from Senior Software, in order to integrate and automate internal processes, and also optimize financial flows.


Total Tools is one of the leading tools provider in Central and Western Romania, for the construction, industry and agriculture areas, and also an important distributor for plumbing and heat engineering installations. In 2015 the company recorded a 25% increase in turnover and profit, thus maintaining their upward trend of recent years. The constant growth and inherently the increasing volume of data generated by the company led to errors in the document operation process and difficulties in accessing information regarding stocks, partners or articles. In order to solve these problems, the company managers decided to implement the integrated solutions SeniorERP – for resource management and SeniorVisualBI – for reporting and advanced analysis.

We chose to partner with Senior Software mainly because it’s a Romanian company, but also because it is among the most active in the field, which shows a constant concern for improving solutions and thus, bringing value to the client. We implemented SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI so we can automate key processes in the company and improve the management of financial flows, but also to better analyze our products’ profitability.

Said Mr. Nicolae Florea, Administrator Total Tools.

Before implementing Senior Software’s systems, Total Tools was using an accounting application that had failed to keep the pace with the rapidly growing needs of the company. Currently, with the SeniorERP system in place, all processes and data are integrated into a single platform, and the company benefits from:

  • Employees being more productive because the SeniorERP solution automates repetitive activities, such as issuing invoices and attached documents, or generating purchase orders.
  • Improving relationships with customers and partners thanks to reduced time in order processing and delivery, but also to increased data accuracy regarding articles, prices, stocks.
  • Easy access to any kind of information and, therefore, better communication between people, departments and outlets, due to the online operating capabilities of the application.
  • Better cash flow control through revenue and cost centers structure defined in SeniorERP, which provides a more efficient way to track expenses and keep them within budget.

To improve the decision-making process, Total Tools has also implemented SeniorVisualBI – a Business Intelligence solution developed on Tableau Software, the global leader in data analysis, that provides managers real-time access to information about stocks, partners, articles and much more. Moreover, advanced query and data processing capabilities enable users to perform complex analysis on the profitability of sold items and to identify ways to increase the overall performance of the product portfolio.


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