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Trima – Birotica & Papetarie strengthens its business with the ERP and E-commerce solutions from Senior Software

Trima – Birotica & Papetarie, distributor of stationery and office supplies, is managing its business more effectively with the SeniorERP solution from Senior Software, and aims to increase online sales with the integrated e-commerce platform SeniorE-commerce – SeniorERP.

ERP and E-commerceTrima was founded in 2008 and it distributes presentation, organization and archiving articles, writing instruments, office equipment, office furniture etc. Currently, the company is in top 10 stationery suppliers in Romania, being among the first companies in the field who appeared on the local market.

Once the business developed, the previously used information system could not keep up with company’s needs. Incomplete or wrong information about stocks and prices, difficulties in accessing this data and the inability to timely implement certain legislative changes were just some of the problems that Trima was facing.

Therefore, the managers decided to focus on an integrated, flexible and latest technology software solution, able to support the company’s growth. Thus, they chose SeniorERP – an enterprise resource planning solution, which was later integrated with the online sales portal SeniorE-commerce.

In choosing the software solutions both Senior Software experience in our field, and the fact that the solutions are locally developed, adapted to the laws and to our accounting system, were important. And in my opinion, the major benefit obtained by using an ERP system is represented by the reports, the radiography of your business that you can do at any time. To me, as a manager, it greatly simplified my life. Things that I used to do in two days, today I am doing in two hours. For example, I used to calculate the sales agents’ commissions manually, but now I calculate them based on reports in a much shorter time.

Said Mrs. Cornelia Radovici, Owner of Trima – Birotica & Papetarie.

Besides these benefits, the implementation of the ERP system from Senior Software facilitated real-time access to information regarding orders, prices and inventory situation, which led to a decrease of response time to customer requests and thus an increase of the quality of the relationship with them. Furthermore, the increased intuition of the application’s interface allowed quick adaptation of employees to the new system and a significant decrease in the operating time.

Given the tendency of customers to move towards the online environment, and the pressure from the multinational companies, Trima managers decided to develop its e-commerce channel by implementing the SeniorE-commerce solution and integrating it with the ERP system.

Indeed, there are still people who prefer to order through the classical channel, telephone or fax, but the higher percentage moves online and by not having an optimized website, you lose the market share. Moreover, large customers, such as international companies that have many departments, want to make centralized procurement, therefore they ask the provider a website where they can register, see prices, their employees can put their products in the shopping cart and at the end of the month they will receive a single invoice. This cannot be done unless you have a website integrated with the ERP system, it is impossible.

Added Mrs. Cornelia Radovici.

After the integration of the online shop with SeniorERP, Trima has obtained benefits such as: increased efficiency of the online buying process through automatic updating of the information presented on the site, elimination of human error because the data is no longer manually processed and reduced delivery time because all online orders get directly to the ERP and are processed faster.

Trima – Birotica & Papetarie distributes products belonging to famous brands such as: Rapesco, Leitz, Hewlett Packard, Canon or Esselte – world leader in stationery, with a portfolio of over ten thousand products.


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