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Tuplex Romania – one of the leaders on the market of plastic materials distribution – chose ERP and BI from Senior Software

The Romanian branch of the Tuplex Group – the largest plastic materials distributor from Central and Eastern Europe – has chosen the ERP and Business Intelligence solutions from Senior Software to sustain its leading position on the Romanian market through a more effective control of the internal processes.

Tuplex Romania is part of the Tuplex Group, the largest distributor of plastic mouldings from Central and Eastern Europe. Tuplex Group has subsidiaries in Poland, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Serbia. In Romania, Tuplex arrived in 2008 and currently has branches in Bucharest, Timisoara and Iasi. The company offers products for areas such as advertising, construction and industry.

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The decision to implement an integrated business management system was taken after 6 years of existence on the market, in which Tuplex Romania became one of the leaders in the field of plastic materials distribution. Taking into consideration the level of development achieved, it appeared the need for a system that contributed to optimizing internal workflows and increasing employees’ productivity. Moreover, the managers wanted to obtain better control over costs and commercial and financial processes in order to support the company’s expansion.

The reason we decided we needed a modern ERP solution was simple: the software that we previously used couldn’t provide support for a healthy development of the business in the long run. The dynamics of the turnover growth imposed the creation of new working procedures and improving the existing ones. That’s why we needed speed and real-time access to concrete, centralized data, based on which we can make decisions fast and efficient. In order to obtain the maximum efficiency it was necessary to have a flexible software solution, adapted to our activity.“, said Mrs Alina Yolcu, General Manager Tuplex Romania.

After a review process of all software offers available on the local market, which lasted for about 6 months, Tuplex Romania chose Senior Software as partner and the solutions offered by it: SeniorVisualBI and SeniorERP. The criteria considered in choosing the ERP solution for the management of the company’s activities were both technical, such as the platform and the system’s architecture, flexibility and scalability, as well as those related to the image in the market, history, references and financial-economic situation of the ERP providers.

We took part in many presentations and we analysed a large number of offers. The criteria that we had in mind were clear and well developed, and Senior Software was the supplier who has managed to convince us that together we could have a successful implementation, adapted to the requirements and needs clearly defined from the beginning. The quality, reliability, flexibility, professionalism and personal involvement of the people, demonstrated particularly in the analysis of the company’s processes and customization needs phase, convinced us that together we could have a true partnership, based on the common desire to succeed, on quality and respect. We found in the Senior Software team the same values that define Tuplex team, the probability of a failure being impossible.“, added Mrs. Alina Yolcu.

According to what Mrs. Yolcu says, “the implementation of an integrated ERP software without having centralized data access through customized real time reports would have been useless“, that is why Tuplex Romania has chosen SeniorVisualBI – the advanced reporting system, developed on Tableau Software platform, the world leader in data visualization. Through the Business Intelligence solution, the company analyses sales on agents, branches, counties or geographical locations, sold products, the payment or shipping methods, the stock evolution and more.” A BI program can help you, as a manager, not only to identify problems, but also to improve and plan vital indicators.“, said Mrs. Alina Yolcu.

Tuplex Romania suppliers are some of the most renowned plastics manufacturers in Europe: Bayer, Sabic Innovative Plastics, Altuglas, Heytex, Alcan, Samsung, etc. The company also has extensive experience in the field of transparent noise barriers, providing material for such applications for large infrastructure projects.


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