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With SeniorCPM, Parmafood lowered budget planning times by 50%

With SeniorCPM, Parmafood cut the time dedicated for budget planning and financial reporting operations by half.

parmafood-logo-articolParmafood Group Distribution’s budget planning is done with the help of intuitive software, which has lead to the automation of all processes required in budgeting. Ever since the company stopped using Excel, time allocated to readying budgets and reports has been reduced to half, by using the CPM for performance management suite from Senior Software.

The investment was made because the company needed to more efficiently track the monthly profit and loss report on division/brand/products levels and to correctly make the sales & expenses budget on product and client levels.

Among the benefits gained after implementing the SeniorCPM system, we find: first of all, the Excel files have been replaced; time allocated for budget organizing and consolidation was lowered by 50%; increased control over expenditures, for each employee responible for budgets; the ability to track the evolution of profit margins in real-time on product level and the lowering of the time required to generate managerial reports.

– Adrian Cainamisir, Director of Operations for Parmafood.

Among the CPM suite’s functionalities from which the Parmafood team takes benefit, we find:

    • The automatic generation of the monthly sales and expenses budget on product and client levels
    • The automatic calculation and tracking of the profitability report, on article level
    • The estimation of cost types from discount off-invoice bills
    • The correlation of supplier support and client discounts bill estimates with later bills that arrive directly in the system
    • Tracking revenue and expenses for Key Accounts, Horeca and Retail, assigned up until SKU and partner levels
    • The assignment of service bills on cost centres

The company has chosen the SeniorCPM suite also because of the excellent colaboration that they have been having for the last 10 years with the software supplier, Parmafood usccesfully using other two suites from SeniorSoftware, SeniorERP and SeniorVisualBI respectively.

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