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CRM for Marketing

Management of marketing campaigns with SeniorCRM Enterprise provides a clearer perspective over the promotional investments with the highest ROI (Return on Investment). The CRM system allows marketing managers to address potential customers more effectively through intuitive functionalities for planning, execution and monitoring of campaigns and promotional activities, together with all technical resources – budgets, suppliers, materials, people in charge, deployment time, etc.

CRM for Marketing

1.Planning and budgeting marketing activities

Campanie marketing in CRM

SeniorCRM Enterprise is an intuitive tool for planning events, direct mailing and e-mailing, PR, promotions, banners and paid online advertising, SEO type marketing campaigns.

In CRM specific information is managed and monitored:
  • Planned activities, together with the responsible employees and the deadlines for their completion
  • Estimated budgets on activities, involved suppliers and other required resources like information materials, presentations, brochures, documentation, etc.
  • Actual costs, other unplanned expenses, campaign timing changes etc.

2.Prospects’ segmentation and targeting

CRM pentru Marketing

Correct prospect segmentation is the first step in outlining a communication and marketing plan. Once consolidated the information about prospects in the CRM system, defining consumer segments is easy, especially using multiple selection criteria: the County (or other characteristics of the geographic location), turnover (or other financial parameters), field of activity, previous interactions or products/services for which the prospects have expressed interest in the past, etc.

3.Marketing campaigns management

Setup campanie rapida in CRM


Quick campaigns in CRM

In SeniorCRM Enterprise a campaign can be created in only 4 steps: select the desired prospects, determine the name and the approach method and finally write the campaign’s message, and is ready for launch.

For example, a company that sells laboratory equipment organizes an event and wants to invite a list of doctors. To streamline this marketing action, in CRM it’s created a phone call activity that is automatically associated with the guests list and distributed to one or more employees for contacting the doctors and for confirming the addresses where the invitations will be sent.

Complex campaigns in CRM

The wide variety of channels through which one can reach the favorable prospects involves the realization of more complex marketing campaigns, with the approach of one or more target segments, through different channels and even with different messages. SeniorCRM Enteprise offers in this context a variety of features that allow the implementation of an integrated campaign, higher costs visibility and a better understanding of the effectiveness of your marketing investments.

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4.Potential customers management

Istoric pe prospect in CRM

The role of the marketing department is to attract new customers, retain existing ones and identify growth opportunities. This involves proper and detailed understanding of the prospects and customers characteristics and needs.

Functionalities for prospects management in CRM

  • Tracking potential customers into a single centralized system results in a better connection and synchronization of the marketing and sales departments.
  • Prospects’ answers to promotion campaigns, and also the interactions of the sellers with them, are kept in the form of a history on each potential customer in part
  • The expanded monitoring capabilities of the CRM system allow tracking of the prospects’ interactions with company’s website or with the transmitted promotional emails (for example, visited webpages and the time spent on each page, opened emails etc.)

5. Marketing analyses

Raport CRM Marketing

The SeniorCRM Enterprise reporting module offers access to vital information for measuring the impact of marketing actions both over the sales but also in terms of the reputation of the advertised brand with just a few clicks. Based on these reports, a clearer accounting of the invested money in a campaign and the sales opportunities generated by this is obtained.

Monitor the marketing campaigns results
  • The obtained answers from a campaign can be traced to the level of communication channel and prospects’ origin source (e.g. an event, a customer recommendation, the company’s website).
  • The answers to a campaign are allocated to the sales team and further can be converted into opportunities with just a few clicks, so that each CRM customer or prospect keeps a history of past interactions
  • SeniorCRM allows the comparison between the results obtained in two different campaigns, for example for measuring the efficiency of the used channel, which will allow the focus of further marketing efforts on methods with the best ROI.

Track the performance of the marketing people

The CRM system allows the detailed organization and tracking of specific activities. Failure to comply with marketing activities deadlines can affect the results of the promotional campaigns and can even lead to loss of money allocated for example for purchasing the advertising space needed to promote a new product. In this context the activity report from the CRM system that indicates at any time the outstanding tasks, responsible employees and deadlines is very useful.

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