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Discover the new interactive reports from SeniorVisualBI

The new version of the Business Intelligence system comes to help users with new and improved features. The processing speed of large data volumes has been significantly improved, which means that now more than ever, you can interact with the system in real time. And to help you analyze complex information faster, new data visualizing methods were introduced.

Treemap charts

Grafic Treemap in Business Intelligence

Treemaps have been here for several decades and they are known for their ability to display the information in a compact form and to highlight the relationship between part and whole.

  • The new version of the Business Intelligence system brings them into an interactive form and allows you to create them quickly and to arrange them in a graph form in order to compare the data more easily.
  • It is extremely easy to notice the differences, which are highlighted through rectangles that have different sizes, directly proportional to the values that they represent.

In the above example the sales and profits on each product category are highlighted. Different colors represent the level of profit, and the dimensions of the rectangles, the sales value. This kind of visual data representation provided by Business Intelligence allows you to respond quickly to questions like: “What category of products has the largest sales?” or “Which one generates the highest profit?”.

Interact with the Business Intelligence system

Bubble Charts

This type of view has many benefits, and one of them is that it allows you to easily highlight the data categories and compare them quickly just by looking at the size and color of the bubbles.

  • The number of bubbles represents the distinct product categories
  • The bubbles size represents the sales value
  • The colors represent the profit level for each product category

Diagrama de tip Bubble in Business Intelligence

The chart shows you the same sales information previously analyzed, but in a different form. Thus, the greatest bubble represents the product group with the highest sales. On the other hand, the one that is colored in the darkest green highlights the fact that the group has generated the highest profit.

Word clouds

Word cloud in Business Intelligence

Another type of Graph available in SeniorVisualBI 8.0 is the Word Cloud. You can analyze the same data above, but using the Word Cloud, and in this case the words represent product categories. They are sized and colored according to the profit amount and the sales value of each one.

It can also be used for the analysis of the keywords that your potential customers use when they search for your products or services. This information is obtained using the integrated marketing module of the CRM system and it can be analyzed and interpreted more quickly with the Business Intelligence system.

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Freeform dashboard and floating dashboard content

In SeniorVisualBI 8.0 the dashboards get even more interactive because the elements that compose them can be placed anywhere you want. You can use all the available space, by adding on the remaining free areas from a map or a chart, legends and other graphical filters. Once you’ve selected a filter or a specific component on the graph, the other elements are automatically updated based on this.

The dashboards that you create in the Business Intelligence system can be any shape you want and you can add graphics, labels, legends, or filters anywhere you want. You can make compact filters and you can make them available for all the graphs in the dashboard. Thus, they occupy less space and are more practical.

Freeform Dashboard in Business Intelligence

Benefit from the new forecasting capabilities

So far, the graphs generated with your BI system allowed you to quickly observe the sales evolution or other indicators for a certain period of time. With the new Business Intelligence version you are also able to view how they will evolve in the future through the forecasting analysis.

Specifically, this new type of analysis allows you to estimate future values for your indicators starting from the historical data you have at your disposal.

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Forecast in Business Intelligence

SeniorVisualBI 8.0 provides you with a series of advanced forecasting models that take into account the seasonality aspects or the trends. In addition, if you want to view the statistical calculations that the system made, you have access to the detailed description of the forecast.

Group data in the desired shape with Business Intelligence

Grupare in Business Intelligence

Grouping is an action used to combine the members of a certain size in more comprehensive categories. With the new version of the BI system you can group the data based on the selection that you make directly in your dashboard.

Moreover, with Business Intelligence, you have access to multiple grouping possibilities:

  • By selecting multiple columns in a table or the values in the legend and then click on the option Group. This method is useful when you want to answer the “What-if” questions.

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  • By selecting the elements in a chart and then the Group option. If the selected data represent more dimensions you can group them after all sizes or after a certain size. The selected values are combined into one category, and the others belong to the category “Others”.

Grupare in Business Intelligence

Create, combine and compare data sets

Seturi in Business Intelligence

The sets are a way of data analysis based on certain conditions. SeniorVisualBI 8.0 extends this functionality and allows you to compare the members of a set with others outside the set. Thus, you can answer questions such as: “What percent of total income was generated by the first 10 clients compared with the rest of the customers?”

You can compare multiple data sets between them, or data that is in the set with those that are not. In addition, you can combine two or more sets to determine intersections, reunions or differences between them.

You benefit from the same interactive experience

web authoring in Business Intelligence

SeniorVisualBI 5.0 comes with a functionality designed to offer you access to the interactive interface of the system without installing the Desktop application. You can create and edit the dashboard directly from a web browser or on the tablet.

So far you were able to filter, sort, analyze and highlight data directly on the server, but now the new capabilities for web and mobile application simulate the Drag & Drop environment, allowing you to modify the view types, to perform calculations, to add or remove fields and many more.

Find more easily the information you are looking for

SeniorVisualBI 8.0 server interface was significantly improved in order to facilitate access to the information you are looking for.

  • You can visualize dashboards as icons or as a list
  • You can use the search filters available on the left side of the screen in any desired combination
  • The Content and Administration tabs separate the task and domains for administrators and end-users, which facilitates the access to the specific options available for each type of user.

thumbnail sau list in Business Intelligence


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