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EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

Standardize and streamline trade with IKA and suppliers

SeniorERP integrates functionalities dedicated to importers and distributors that deliver to large retail chains, which are based on the EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) concept. Representing one of the current trends in the trade standardization and streamlining and a condition requested by major retail chains in relationship with suppliers, communication via EDI offers competitive advantages and significant costs and resources cuts.

The advantages of EDI technology:

  • Automation of processes and information flows with partners
  • Eliminate errors caused by documents handling
  • Substantial time savings
  • Faster communication with partners

By using EDI, you:

  • Considerably reduce specific operating costs
  • Get a higher stock turnover
  • Use the storage space more effectively
  • Raise the quality of the relationship with IKA

What is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)?

The process of electronic information exchange is based on the transfer of various documents and business information between computers of partner companies. EDI replaces the fax or paper form sending of documents resulted in various commercial relationship, by using XML formats, based on widely accepted standards.

EDI is used by companies operating in various industries for streamlining the exchange of operational documents with partners and suppliers, but especially by the major chains of International Key Accounts (IKA). Most of these companies ask their suppliers and partners to integrate EDI systems. Standard documents used in everyday activity in relationship with partners can be transferred between systems with minimal human intervention, by automating processes and information flows.

Benefits of using EDI

The information and electronic format documents exchange process has obvious cost advantages because it eliminates the paper, the needed work periods and the errors caused by manually handling documents. The EDI transactions between companies are much faster and safer than the classical transfer of paper documents. The speed of these transactions is reflected in faster stocks turnover, an efficient use of the storage space and an increase in the quality of the relationship with IKA.

Benefits of ERP system integration with EDI platforms are felt by all trading partners involved in the Exchange. They are evident by the increase in reporting performance, substantial savings of time, significant cost reductions, accuracy in taking orders and document management or extensive flexibility in sharing information in real time.

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