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Administration ERP Module

ERP Management: defining user groups, ISO support, back up, restore, ERP system parameters, configuration standard, printing fiscal documents etc.

The administration module offers users the possibility to define different levels of access to information in the application, by defining specific groups of users. The module also allows configuration of design or customization of printed documents or setting the backup actions. Administration of the application provides facilities for intervention on the general setting, on the general parameters of the application, grouped by various features, even after implementation.

Modul ERP Administrare

  • User/department levels of access to information
  • Multiple information back-up solutions in the system
  • Customize formats for issuing / printing of documents
  • Post-deployment configuration features

  • Streamline the workflow of your employees without having to load them with additional information
  • Secure company data
  • Enhance your company’s internal flows

ERP Administration: User Groups

In the process of implementing SeniorERP, special attention is given to building a coherent operational flow. Companies that have implemented ISO, or intending it, found in SeniorERP a major support to achieve the objectives assumed in the certification.

The first step consists in identifying the types of activities and operational decision-making and the necessary staff to undertake these duties. To achieve a coherent flow, each operational activity requires access to certain resources within the system, and in some points, the intervention of a decision-making process.

Because of the manner of working with the online database system, SeniorERP users benefit of all specific advantages, but a complex system of access is required as part of the management of ERP.

Groups of users aggregate the rights necessary for specific operations, as well as the personnel performing these operations.

ERP Administration: Print documents configuration

Another distinct stage in the implementation process is the customization of the formats in which those documents are issued / printed in the system (see ISO).

Any format of a printed document has a complete design that can accommodate your needs. The module is exclusively graphical, while powerful and intuitive.

ERP Administration: Backup / Restore

SeniorERP stores critical data that is important for the functioning of the company. Establishing a back-up policy is crucial for safe operations in the system. This policy is different depending on the complexity of implementation and size of databases.

You can start from classic daily backup, provided as functionality in the system, and you can reach clustering, mirroring and other instruments referring to large volumes of data.

Regardless of the size of the organization, this process is critical and should not in any way be neglected. It is necessary to define a charge of this activity and critical situations (fire, flood, earthquake) must be taken into account, so that in any situation, the data can be restored to a certain point, but closer to the present.

ERP Administration: General application configuration

SeniorERP allows adjustment according to the internal flow of implementation analysis. Some configurations have a general system-level and they are set up in this sub-module. You can operate on them at any time, but having an overall effect, the decision to change must be well founded.


Configuring a workflow involves defining one or more actions to be executed when an operation in the ERP is recorded. In addition to workflows that are implied, the database administrator can configure a number of custom workflows to be triggered when records are operated in SeniorERP.