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Logistics ERP Module

ERP Logistics: Streamline processes of supply, storage, goods delivering, redistribution of property, delivery planning

The role of the logistics module is to supply fluidized processes, storage, redistribution of goods inside a company or delivery of goods to customers. This SeniorERP module is involved in the planning of existing infrastructure resources in view of their optimal use. Primary data are taken from related modules.

Modul ERP Logistica

  • Group deliveries to customers based on sales areas
  • Multiple ways of efficiently planning delivery, purchasing, cars and drivers
  • Automatic issuance of documents necessary for trips

  • Get streamlined supply processes
  • Optimize supply and storage activity
  • Optimal use of infrastructure resources
  • Avoid overloading or unavailability of cars

ERP Logistics: Delivery Area

In general, a distribution company may have one or more work points of its own. Depending on its organization, a work point can both ensure sales activities and logistics delivery. If the work point serves a significant number of clients and operates planned logistics activities, these clients may differentiated according to areas of delivery.

An area of delivery represents the logical grouping of clients in order to establish a supply route. The delivery area may serve one or more sales divisions, depending on the nature and volume of sales.

One car is used in one area of delivery according to a visit plan. In defining a client, an average time for preparing an order, can be set time being estimated based on historical data, so that, when entering a new customer order into the system, the first possible delivery can be automatically planned, as well as the delivery person and the car that will serve on the route at that time. Later, you can adjust these plans, in case of overload or unavailable items (damaged car, unavailable driver).

ERP Logistics: Planning deliveries / cars / drivers

This sub module takes information defined in the car fleet module and it uses it in the process of planning the delivery of goods.

A car can ideally be active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so there is a need for detailed planning of activities. Also, a car can have at least one driver per working hours or per delivery and it can serve one or more divisions. With the current sub module these logistical activities can be planned and pursued effectively.

ERP Logistics: Codes and alternative names

In relation with suppliers, producers and customers of hypermarkets need to communicate with them in specific codes and descriptions. SeniorERP can manage a virtually unlimited number of coded and secondary names, which are attached at the level of product and partner, so that your supply or customer invoices and notices are issued automatically in agreed formats.

Another important aspect is related to the units of measure in which documents are operated by such partners. For example, they can buy boxes and sell pieces, or the other way round. So, besides the alternative names, when defining the relationship with a supplier, for example, you need the specify information at the level of item and unit of measure in which you issue commands.